The Essentials of GIAC Audit for IT Industry Professionals

By Mary Desilva, Special for USDR.

The  is an information security certification of the IT industry. Its main thrust is to validate the student’s skills and competence in handling various issues in information technology such as computer security, software security and network security. GIAC has more than twenty specific jobs certifications that apply to works within the framework of information security, wherein information technology auditors play a vital role.

Established by SANS in 1999, GIAC has enabled over 20,000 security experts to have their general knowledge and skills competency verified by experts in information technology that they can use in seeking career advancement. Aside from verifying the basic competencies of a systems security expert, the course also evaluates the general knowledge and ability of these security experts to implement security measures in the over-all system.

Benefits of GIAC Certification

Being certified in GIAC, indicates that the systems auditors possess skills and competencies beyond the standards that will enable them to offer excellent services to individual and corporate clients. The purpose of the certification is to guarantee that employers are recruiting personnel who have mastered, through education and experience, the competencies required to perform their duties.

The benefits of the GIAC Audit Certification can further broken down into two categories:

Benefits to Employees

As an employee, you can take advantage of the benefits you will gain having yourself certified by GIAC.

  • You will develop more confidence in the performance of your job because the certification gives yourself an assurance that you possess the necessary qualifications that entails the efficient performance of your position. If you exhibit more self-confidence you be in a much better position to market your skills to prospective employers, especially if you target for a career advancement or higher compensation.
  • In obtaining GIAC certification, you undergo various course and training procedures that will boost your knowledge in identifying network security threats. Once the security system is breached, you will be in a much better position implement measures that will effectively counter common security threats such as intrusion, viruses and hacking.
  • With GIAC certification, you will be exposed to current innovations in technology, in particular to the innovations affecting systems security, so that you will be in a better position compared to other upcoming IT professionals.
  • There is a continuing demand from the majority of companies to hire only GIAC certified systems auditor. This means, that you keep your marketability having acquired a certification that will vouch for your competence.

Benefits to Employers

For employers, hiring systems auditors with GIAC Audit Certification can benefit in many ways.

  • Having GIAC certified employees, employers can be assured that they have in their organization competent personnel who can protect their system against common threats and implement specific measures to correct the potential weakness in the system. Furthermore, with competent personnel, employers can also lend a degree of confidence that their network system will function as expected.
  • With GIAC certified auditors, employers can be assured that their system is reliable and updated with the current innovations in technology relating to systems security. It is very reassuring for employers to know that their system is highly competent and competitive to easily adapt to the fast-growing innovations.

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