The Ever Changing World of Retirement

By Monster, Special for  USDR

Monster today announced the findings of a recent survey revealing that as the job market improves, so do attitudes toward switching  employers.

Many of those surveyed are on the job hunt – 43% are more likely to consider a new job opportunity than they were just a year ago.  And, although 71% of those surveyed report happiness with their current job, 73% are thinking about another job. 60% of respondents with a resume have gone so far as to update it in the past three  months.

The willingness to change jobs frequently may be age-related, according to the survey, 79% of those aged 25-44 have worked at their current employer for six years or less. Compare that  to:

  • 70% of those surveyed, aged 55+, have worked at their current employer for more than six years
  • 52% of those surveyed, aged 45-54, have worked at their current employer for more than six years

Not only are 25-44 year olds looking to switch it up more frequently, they are finding job opportunities in different places than those in previous  generations:

  • 76% are likely to update their social media profiles when searching for a new job
  • 69% are networking on social sites for potential employment
  • 68% are reviewing job listings on social media sites

“Staying at one job until retirement has become a thing of the past. It’s always a good idea to take stock of your career path and figure out how you can get where you want to be,” said Joanie Courtney, Senior Vice President, Global Market Insights at Monster. “If you find yourself in the market for a new job, there are several activities you can do today that won’t take too much time but will reap huge benefits now or when you’re ready for the next step in your  career.”

Monster Tips to better your career  prospects

  • Update your resume and/or build a personal website: Whether actively on the job hunt or not, when was the last time you brushed up your resume? If it’s been more than six months, you should take an hour this weekend and just get it up to date. You may feel confident in your job now, but it’s always good to be prepared in case something drastically changes with you — or your company.
  • Learn something new: Read a blog or magazine related to your profession; Peruse your Twitter feed; Randomly read a few Wikipedia pages; or pick up a new non-fiction book — do something! Push your own boundaries, and explore a new world or a new take on something you do every day. One of the keys to professional growth is a willingness and desire to expand your knowledge base (and to surround yourself with others you can learn from).
  • Engage socially: In real life or in the digital realm. Maybe you attend a meet-up in your city with like-minded professionals, or go to a seminar or other event. Spend some time updating your social presence and find people to engage via those platforms. Post up a few tweets and start to establish your personal brand in the social space.
  • Volunteer: While you should always focus on the altruistic benefits of volunteering, it’s also the kind of trait that employers are looking for. Find a cause that is important to you and spend a few hours helping others. Volunteering is also another opportunity to network, and could even land you a full-time job with a non-profit. There’s no shortage of need, and therefore no shortage of opportunities.
  • Put down the phone: If you spend a lot of time at your job on the computer, you’re probably apt to bring work home with you — checking email obsessively at night and even into the weekend. Take a break tonight or this weekend and detach from the phone. You’ll return to work so fresh and clear-minded that you’ll be able to quickly attack any backlog — and spur your creative thinking again.

In October 2014, Monster worked with Survey Sampling International to conduct a nationally representative survey of 1,004 adults who work full-time.  Monster conducted a similar survey of 972 workers in  2006.

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