The Exploding Popularity of Online Courses [Infographic]


Over the past two decades, tuition has dramatically increased. This has led to the student debt increasing. Over an average college career, between textbooks, lodging, and tuition, students can expect to spend well into the five figures.

Thanks to the prevalence of the Internet, though, that’s starting to change. Online courses are being offered at most universities, and some sites are being set up specifically to educate people under affordable and convenient conditions.

These sites offer a wide range of materials, from lectures on YouTube to powerpoint presentations and PDF files. You can interact with other classmates, as well as the instructors. Courses can range anywhere from web development courses to marketing courses.

Online courses can fit your schedule, too. No matter what time of the day it is, just log in and get your assignment. If you’re going on a vacation, you won’t have to worry about missing anything. With a solid VPN, you don’t have to worry about hackers stealing your information – your IP address will be protected, and your data will be secure. You’ll also be protected from any malware or phishing attempts.
Online courses are so popular, in fact, that up to half of the universities out there are in danger of closing due to low attendance. With the tuition prices skyrocketing with seemingly no ceiling in sight, it’s no wonder that online classes are becoming increasingly popular.

Since the courses are online, it’s extremely easy to interact with other classmates and your instructor. If you need help, you’re able to leave them a message, or revisit course materials at your leisure.

You have the option to take a single course for your own intellectual benefit, to use as a credit while transferring to another school, or even as a means to achieve an entire degree through an online university.  Websites such as Programs Online American edu allow students to start learning about plenty of topics and potentially get into the working world with a quality degree. There is no reason to settle for less when all you need is a stable internet connection to reach just about any career-related goal you can dream of.

For a little more information on the popularity of online classes, check out this infographic.

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