The Grammys – An Expensive Show for Show

By Michelle Seiler-Tucker, Special for  USDR

Music is a very big business, but does an artist who has a Grammy really make them worthy of going down in history? Unlike many other music awards, the GRAMMYs recognize artistic and technical achievements rather than sales success, but looking back at history there have been times that amazing artists slipped through the cracks. Take for instance the fact that both Jimmy Hendrix and Bob Marley never won a Grammy. There are times in history that suggests the Grammy’s are mostly for show. Never the less, the show is more popular in the US than the news! This year’s winners offered the familiar and typical such as a slew of awards for musical newcomer Sam Smith, some outstanding performances, and the unfamiliar sight of Kanye West laughing and  smiling.

Furthermore, the annual Grammy Awards serve as a showcase for the music industry, bringing together its biggest names along with lesser-known artists and older acts, but like all things the Grammy’s are made for showcasing politically popular artists. The best thing about winning a Grammy is that it’s GREAT for business. As a business woman I work hard to develop my personal brand and build an image that instills trust between my clients and myself. Winning a Grammy is like winning a business, that artist typically ends up generating a 66% higher online streaming rate, along with increased  sales.

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