The Media has to Accuse Israel of Racism to Protect its Fake Polls

By Daniel Greenfield, Special for  USDR

The media’s polls and even its exit polls showed Netanyahu losing or breaking even with the left. The actual results were a solid Netanyahu  victory.

This isn’t an unusual event. There is often a gap between reality and the Israeli media’s polls that is biased in favor of the  left.

The media spin is that their poll numbers were real, but that Netanyahu’s “racist” appeals dramatically tilted the results. They’re not liars. Israel is  racist.

That fails to explain why their exit polls were still badly  wrong.

Screaming that Israelis are “racist” won’t change the fact that the polls were skewed to the left in an attempt to influence the election. It’s just a convenient excuse for political hacks trying to cover up one lie with another  lie.

The media narrative that Netanyahu went from losing to a solid win with a “Southern strategy” is one that the media will happily retell for the same reason that it spread the fake polls to begin with. It hurts Israel, hurts the right and protects the  left.

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