The Most Common Causes of Wrongful Death Cases

By Carol Trehearn, Special for  USDR

A wrongful death occurs when an individual is involved in a fatal accident that’s the result of another party (the party at fault) being reckless or negligent. There are a variety of causes of wrongful death, but below is a short list of just a few of the most common  causes.

If a loved one was the victim of reckless or negligent behavior and his or her death has been deemed wrongful, you can sue the party at fault with the help of Lamber Goodnow Injury lawyers, who have been able to win cases in an innovative way by using modern technology, including Google Glass, the Apple Watch, Fitbit, and in cases of wrongful death, Apple’s iPad and 3D print  technology.

Automobile  Accidents

Accidents involving automotive vehicles are among the many common causes of wrongful death. When drivers don’t follow the rules of the road, aren’t cautious, drive while distracted or intoxicated, and don’t drive in a safe manner during dangerous weather conditions, they increase the potential that they’ll cause an accident that could result in the death of people in the other vehicles  involved.

However, it’s important to note that wrongful deaths can also occur when a passenger in a driver’s own vehicle passes away as a result of an accident that’s caused by recklessness or negligence. Even pedestrians and people in dwellings have been killed due to driver negligence and that’s why Lamber Goodnow advises other attorneys to utilize technology such as taking depositions with iPads that can authenticate their case when the evidence just doesn’t add  up.

Those depositions can be played in court, showing an anomaly between what the opposing counsel is saying and what witnesses, or those involved, said during discovery. In addition to negligent drivers, wrongful deaths can also be caused by defective automobiles. Cars with defective tires, seats, brakes, etc. can malfunction while a person is driving, resulting in an accident that causes  death.

Workplace  Accidents

There are a variety of potentially hazardous worksites where people are employed every day. Deaths can occur as a result of explosions, equipment malfunctions, burns, and slips and falls. Just a few of the most common workplaces where these types of wrongful death accidents are more likely to occur include mining locations, manufacturing plants, and construction sites. Lawsuits would be filed against the employer if a worker dies because of disregard for the person’s  safety.

Medical  Malpractice

Sadly, medical malpractice is yet another common cause of wrongful death, even though people seek out the help of medical professionals in order to get and stay healthy. When treatments and medical care aren’t performed in accordance with standards of practice, and when a medical professional doesn’t deliver appropriate care and treatment to a patient who ends up dying as a result, wrongful death claims can be brought forth against the hospital, facility, or health care provider, whether he or she is a psychologist, nurse, or  doctor.

In a case like this, expert legal teams like Lamber Goodnow will then seek to prove, in a court of law, how medical malpractice came into play in causing the death of the patient. Typically suit is brought against the doctor or medical facility in question by a member of the family who is trying, to some extent, quantify financial losses to survivors that are directly the result of that patient’s death. There are times when loss in not tangible and here Lamber Goodnow will use technology to support their  claim.

What happens to the emotional wellbeing of a spouse who is left to raise children alone due to medical malpractice? Wearables can authenticate the survivor’s state of depression and how that loss is impacting daily life in real time. Many apps for the Apple Watch can document activity levels throughout the day while apps for iPhones can help the depressed survivor chart moments of panic or severe depression. This information, as tracked by the wearable, is then submitted to the court by Lamber Goodnow as documentary evidence, most often enough to win just compensation against the insurance company and attorney representing the medical  professional.

Product  Liability

When a company produces a product and puts it up for sale, that business is taking the responsibility of ensuring that the product won’t cause any harm. In fact, everyone, from a product’s manufacturer, to the distributor, and even the retailer, is held accountable if a customer dies as result of the use of a product that wasn’t designed properly or was  defective.

Again, these are just a few of the many common causes of wrongful death. The good news is that, with proper legal representation, you can be compensated if a loved one is ever  affected.

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