The Most Popular Industries in Texas


Texas is famous for its oil and farming industries. However, today Texas has a diverse range of industries that are prospering and thriving. Austin, Houston, Dallas and other cities and towns in the Lone Star State are thriving and prospering from various types of industries including the  following:

Energy  Production

Texas is traditionally known all around the word for its oil and gas production. This has been one of the most important industries in Texas for many decades, making many Texans millionaires and even billionaire over the  years.

However, the energy industry in Texas is not just dependent on oil and gas. Energy production businesses are also diversifying into other areas including wind energy, solar energy, hydropower, biofuels, geothermal energy and other renewable energy sources. Renewable energy production in particular is growing with well over a thousand businesses employing tens of thousands of employees throughout the  state.

Real  Estate

The success of many different industries in Texas has had a knock-on effect in the real estate industry. The real estate business is booming in many parts of Texas, as more people want to purchase various types of properties through a real estate company or an apartment locator. Dallas, Austin and Houston in particular have seen huge rises in property prices in recent  years.


The main cities in Texas have developed into cultural and tourist hotspots in recent years. Many visitors flock to Austin, Dallas, Houston and other areas for all kinds of activities. A wide range of sporting events take place throughout the year such as football games, rodeos, NASCAR racing and much  more.

The various art centers, museums, festivals and concert venues attract a wide range of people interested in the arts. Families who visit Texas are also catered for with water parks, parks and other facilities providing entertainment for people of all  ages.

Communications  and  Technology

Many areas in Texas have embraced the latest technological advances. These cities are now producing businesses that are leading the way in communications and computing technologies. Texas is now the base for more than 25,000 high-tech companies and this figure continues to rise each  year.

A wide range of incentives are available for tech start-ups who want to develop their ideas. Texas also has a large number of colleges and universities that produce highly skilled and talented graduates. These people are entering this industry and advancing it even more. Currently almost half a million people in the state work in the communications and computing  industry.

Agriculture  and  Food

Agriculture is traditionally associated with Texas and is still one of the largest industries. Texas has almost 250,000 farms which take up millions of acres of the state’s land. Crops, livestock and food production are the main agricultural activities that take place in Texas. Clothing is another important part of this industry with vast amounts of cotton and wool produced and sold each  year.

When outsiders think of industries in Texas they normally have a vision of oil barons and rich ranch owners. However, Texas has a wide variety of industries and these industries continue to grow and employ more people in the Lone Star  State.

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