The New York Times and Its “Anti-Semitic Partner”

American Jewish Congress Alleges

By American Jewish Congress, Special for USDR

The American Jewish Congress, an association of Jewish Americans organized to defend Jewish interests at home and abroad, condemns in the strongest possible terms the affiliation of The New York Times with a Pakistani-based newspaper, The Express Tribune. The Express Tribune, which carries the name of the Times on its masthead, has published vile anti-Semitic statements on its pages and on its television network, Express TV. Express TV is available in the United States on DISH Network and worldwide through SKY and other satellite carriers.

Examples of the threats of anti-Semitic violence and bigotry the Express Tribune publishes, and which The New York Times has yet to reject, include:

“If all Muslims got together and pissed towards these bastard Israelis they will drown in it.”

“I pray may Allah aid (our Palestinian brothers) and protect them and grant them victory and they be able to give a crushing answer to Israeli militancy.”

May Allah give us the birth of another Sultan Ayubi (Sultan Salah Uddin, conqueror of Jerusalem in the 3rd Crusade: added by AJC) to make an example by wiping them (Israel) out.”

“Today what the Muslims need is Jihad. (They need this) from all of the world’s Muslims.”

“Today, the sad part is that we send terrorists from here (Pakistan) to fight in Syria and Iraq. If they are truly Muslims and they love the true Islam, then they must be sent to Palestine and help the poor Palestinians. So that the first Qibla (Jerusalem) may be freed.”

These vile statements were part of the 2014 Ramadan greetings offered by the President of Express Media, Aamir Liaquat Hussain, and his interview subjects, a group of Islamic scholars. A link to the video of the interview can be found at:

The Express Tribune is the same newspaper that had a blank front page on the day news broke of Osama bin Laden’s death in Abbottabad, Pakistan.

One week ago, the American Jewish Congress sent a letter to the The New York Times calling on it to take immediate action concerning the content of its partner. The Times has yet to respond.

Among the steps requested was for The New York Times to “use all your Influence to get the Express to cease publishing hate speech…or end (your) relationship with the Express,” and for The New York Times to adhere to journalism’s highest moral and ethical standards.

Separately, we call on DISH Network to remove the hateful “Express TV” channel from our airwaves.

As Jack Rosen, President of the American Jewish Congress, wrote to The New York Times:

“I know and work with many Pakistani news organizations, and there is no question The Daily Express and its executives do not represent the views of all Pakistanis. But Americans would be shocked to know The New York Times is aware of these incitements to violence and hatred, and does not object.”

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