The Obama Administration Knows Health Care Law is a Train Wreck

By Jeremy Morris, Associate Editor, USDR.

Tuesday the Obama administration has announced it would give employers until 2015 to provide insurance to employees.  Officially, the administration made its decision for two reasons: 1) to give themselves time to ease up on the rigorous reporting standards that will be required of employers; and 2) to give employers an extra year to comply, since the employer mandate is based on the reporting standards.

FreedomWorks President Matt Kibbe responded with the following statement:

“Concerns about paperwork seem a weak excuse for a full year’s delay, especially since the employer mandate was not set to go into effect until next year.  The administration’s sudden concern for businesses is clearly an attempt to assuage hard feelings about the Affordable Care Act as the 2014 elections draw near, and to avoid the potential political fallout of significant layoffs and hour reductions at companies looking to avoid the extra costs of mandatory coverage.  Requiring all mid-size and large employers to cover all their full-time employees is a disaster, both for businesses and for workers. The cost burden to employers will result in hours cut and jobs lost, as companies scrounge to make ends meet.

“Actions speak louder than words. The Obama administration knows the health care law is a train wreck. They rammed it through in 2010 claiming it was urgently needed – so urgent, in fact, that they had ‘to pass the bill so [we] can find out what’s in it,’ as one representative infamously declared. Now, three years later, it still isn’t “ready.

“Obamacare is an unwieldy, unwise and un-American piece of legislation. It places undue burdens on employers and threatens countless jobs. Worse, it threatens the freedoms we hold dear as Americans.”

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