The Personal Impact of the Global Cybercrisis

By FirstGlobal Publishing, Special for  USDR

William Keiper’s new book CYBERCRISIS – It’s Personal Now, published by FirstGlobal Publishing, is now available on CYBERCRISIS will arm the reader with crucial knowledge about being hacked, smartphone and internet addiction, fakers on social networks, content over-sharing, the Dark Web and the personal impact of  cybercrime.

“The Web is us, and we as a collective are the Web. The rising global cybercrisis is no longer something remote from the typical social media user. It has found us on our smartphones, tablets and computers,” said author William  Keiper.

More About CYBERCRISIS“CYBERCRISIS will heighten the reader’s awareness of some of the factors and conditions that could, in the blink of any eye, suck them into a personal cybercrisis. It represents a warning shot for those predisposed to trust their fellow man in the real-world and, without thinking, carry that bias into cyberspace,” Keiper states. He continued, “After reading CYBERCRISIS you will better understand this dynamic relationship, and will be motivated to accept a higher level of personal responsibility for your digital  well-being.”

Praise for CYBERCRISIS – CYBERCRISIS answers the question, ‘How can we harness the value of internet technology without opening the door to our real-lives?'” ~Stephen McGhee, Transformational Leadership Coach and author of Climb to Freedom and Get Real; CYBERCRISIS will wake you up from a nightmare you didn’t even know you were in. Once again, William Keiper has written a book that shines a light for the rest of us.” ~Steve Chandler, author of Time  Warrior.

About the Author – The author has been a part of computer technology and software businesses since shortly after the launch of the first Apple and IBM personal computers. In these public and private technology and related companies, he served as CEO, board member, and strategic advisor. Through this work, he gained experience, understanding, and perspective about digital age developments and their personal impacts, good and bad. He has written two previous books [Life Expectancy – It’s Never Too Late to Change Your Game, and The Power of Urgency] whose driving themes involve greater self-reliance. The author resides in greater Phoenix,  AZ.

SOURCE FirstGlobal  Publishing

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