The Rise of Healthy Vending Machines

By US Daily Review Staff.

Although early accounts of vending-machine usage date back centuries, the models we have grown accustomed to were first introduced to America in the late 1800s. The first vending machine in America was used by the Thomas Adams Gum Company to sell gum. Within years, they were transformed into machines to sell gumballs, sodas, and snacks. Throughout most of the history of vending machines, the food sold in them has mostly been synonymous with being unhealthy. That is, until now.

“We have seen the vending machine make a lot of changes over the years,” explains Jolly Backer, chief executive officer of Fresh Healthy Vending ( “We are happy to be at the forefront of helping to drive the latest change, so that consumers can have access to healthier food options.”

While for decades vending machine food has been thought of as unhealthy, fattening, and filled with too much salt, as well as other health issues, things have changed. Today, Fresh Healthy Vending is transforming the vending machine industry. Along the way, they are helping to combat the obesity issue, which plagues Americans to the tune of roughly one-third of adults being considered obese, as well as 17 percent of children, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The healthier food options being offered in the new and improved vending machines provide consumers with an opportunity to eat healthy, low-fat foods on the go.

Each Fresh Healthy Vending machine is dual-climate controlled, so that both cold and warm foods can be offered. Options range from fruit smoothies and soymilk to yogurt and fresh fruits and vegetables. There are also options such as tea, 100-percent fruit juices, and healthy granola bars.

With over 800 locations throughout the country, including in health clubs, hospitals, school campuses and malls, these vending machines are making an impact. They offer people the ability to take advantage of convenience foods without compromising on nutrition goals.

“From gumballs to unhealthy snacks to our healthy selections, the vending machine industry continues to transform,” adds Backer. “Being able to grab a healthy snack on the run, without compromising health, points to the fact that this is a change that was long overdue.”

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