The Rise of Ted Cruz

By Kevin Price, Publisher and Editor in Chief of US Daily Review.

Ted Cruz has captured the imagination of many in the conservative movement.

Ted Cruz is smart, eloquent, and friendly.  The graduate of Princeton University and Harvard Law School is often the smartest guy in the room, but he would never hold it against anyone.  I met Ted when I was a speaker at the Young Conservatives of Texas convention earlier this year.  He acted sincerely impressed to meet me, which made me impressed indeed.

When he spoke, Cruz appeared to be speaking off the cuff with the type of eloquence that typically requires a teleprompter.  Every person who gives speeches with any frequency always have a few, solid, canned speeches in his or her mind, ready to deliver.  This was different, Cruz spoke to the interests of young conservatives and made it clear that he was different from those who were opposing him.  It was easy to see how the former Solicitor General of Texas could defend the interests of his state in the US Senate, as he did quite effectively in court rooms.

People who meet Cruz seem instantly impressed and he gets the type of reviews that are hard to find in the cynical world of politics today. He is not merely a “good guy” in the political conversations of the day, but the “next great leader” in the eyes of most.  He is solidly conservative, but completely reasonable in his tone.  As a Hispanic, his political success could add to a tidal wave of interest in the GOP by that important and growing ethnic group.  Cruz is very good for the Republican Party.

Hot Air asks, Is Ted Cruz the GOP’s secret weapon? A weapon? Definitely, but no a secret as much any longer.  George Will wrote in the Washington Post that, “as a candidate, Ted Cruz is as good as it gets.”  Will, who was the intellectual Godfather in conservative circles for years has been seen as more moderate over time as the base of the Republican Party shifts to the right. However, Will is a savvy opinion leader and is not easily impressed. I have never seen such a glowing endorsement of a candidate by Will in my entire life.  Will argues that, “For a conservative Texan seeking national office, it could hardly get better than this: In a recent 48-hour span, Ted Cruz, a candidate for next year’s Republican Senate nomination for the seat being vacated by Republican Kay Bailey Hutchison, was endorsed by the Club for Growth PAC, FreedomWorks PAC, talk-radio host Mark Levin and Erick Erickson of”

George Will also points to how Cruz’s career to date should assure those interested in limited government what Cruz will be working towards if elected, noting “For conservatives seeking reinforcements for Washington’s too-limited number of limited-government constitutionalists, it can hardly get better than this: Before he earned a Harvard law degree magna cum laude (and helped found the Harvard Latino Law Review) and clerked for Chief Justice William Rehnquist, Cruz’s senior thesis at Princeton — his thesis adviser was professor Robert George, one of contemporary conservatism’s intellectual pinups — was on the Constitution’s Ninth and 10th amendments. Then as now, Cruz argued that these amendments, properly construed, would buttress the principle that powers not enumerated are not possessed by the federal government.”

Many conservative leaders around the country believe that Cruz is the candidate this nation needs.  The National Reserve, which is one of the most respected conservative publications in the country, devoted a recent cover of its magazine to the candidate with a headline, “First-Class Cruz: Texas Senate Candidate Ted Cruz, the Next Great Conservative Hope.”  It goes on to say that “Within the party rank-and-file, it is believed that Cruz is the conservative in the race… Cruz remains a true believer. He often says he’ll consider himself a failure if after a whole term in the Senate, he has only a perfect voting record. He wants to see the conservative agenda enacted.”

I believe if anyone other than Cruz wins this race, it will be a lost for conservatives both in Texas and around the country.  This country needs his sensibilities and training.  The GOP needs more leaders that can break through the ethnic barriers.  I believe that liberals fear this kind of GOP leader the most, because he defies every stereotype they try to devise in describing conservative candidates.  “US Senator Ted Cruz” sounds very good to me.

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