The Secret Large PR Firms Use to Get Immediate Exposure for Clients

Almost anyone in PR firms know the dilemma: How do you get articles and interviews for and about your clients?  For big name clients, it is often easy.  In fact, the job of the firm is a coordinating function and little else.  But what about dealing with the brand new client?  He or she might have outstanding credentials, a great book, present themselves well, an amazing story, but it is always hard to get those early opportunities.

Now, some of the largest PR firms are using a turnkey program that gives them:  (1) the ability to post articles on an unlimited basis on three national news sites each month.  (2) The ability to leverage their logos and other imaging to help the client promote that content.  (3) Promotion of that content on numerous social media platforms with tens of thousands of combined connections. (4) And an occasional commentary that will be used on a nationally syndicated radio show or as a podcast on several national news sites.

An executive with one of the larger PR firms in New York City has said “this program has been a game changer.  There is nothing like telling a client, ‘I guarantee to get you in the news in 30 days or less’ as a way of closing a deal.”

There is a small administration fee of only $50 a month and the terms are very flexible (with a one time set up fee of $10).  That’s it!

Why are we offering this at such a low price when SEO firms pay ten times more for such? Because we have identified great sites that have put excellent content as the priority.

This is available for a very limited time.  Fill out the simple form for more information.

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