The Secrets to Successful Guest Posting in 2019

Now may be the best time for guest posting on independent blogs in the history of the practice.  That is because the appetite for interesting content is insatiable.  People want to be informed, however, major media websites have become a nightmare for getting information.  Here are a few of the practices that have become common in news sites that use to be quiet easy to visit:

Many websites are demanding you buy a subscription if you want access to the content

Have some favorite websites?  Watch carefully what is happening to many of them.  Recently, some of my favorite sites are popping up warnings such as, “YOU HAVE ONLY FIVE FREE VISITS LEFT ON THIS SITE, THIS MONTH!”  I usually get these warnings within the first few days of the week, I’m not paying for the content and I go on to look for other sources.  Do I come back at the beginning of the next month to check out these sites?  No, virtually never, I have learned to find other sources.

Many websites are overwhelming readers with popups and disruptive ads that make it very difficult to enjoy  

They hold the content hostage was these barriers until the reader gets a subscription.  Like those with very limited access like above, Many are moving on to other sources.  It is astonishing how little I miss those old sites.

They make you take surveys and extra activities to unlock the content

This is not as bad as the other tactics above, but it is still very irritating and gives one plenty of incentive to look for other sources that provide great content, without all the unnecessary distractions.

Because of these new developments, independent blogs are incredibly hot.  People know they can find the same stories that the major sites have at independent sites, where being read is its main priority.  Now is the time to put your resources into these type of sites, in providing content others want.


Focus on sites that have excellent reach and Domain Authority

Use resources like to check out the value of a site and its reach.

Make sure you put your content on sites with significant reach and able to promote it on other sites.

When our digital network arranges for guest posting, it not only appears on the site you arrange, but is also promoted on our many media partners with links that led to our clients’ pages.  Why just get on one page, when your content can be promoted through several?

Use sites with serious publishing and blogging experience.

Our network is made up of multi-award winning journalists and editors on national publications.  Our writers have been contributors are some of the most important content platforms in the world.  Know that your content is on serious sites, with leaders in their field.

Choose sites with years of experience.  

One of our partner sites has been in existence since 2001, providing content on some of the most important issues in business, lifestyle, technology and more.  It is nice to know that the content you post today has no intentions to go anywhere tomorrow.

Choose sites that have the kind of content that you can typically only find in the biggest names of journalism.

As mentioned before, our longest running site, has existed since 2001.  It is the official site of one of the longest running business shows in the country that is syndicated coast to coast.  As a result, it gets interviews with some of the biggest names in the news today.  In a brilliant move, the Price of Business provides exclusive content based on interviews it has with their big name guests, to its partner sites.  These interviews become exclusive on these sites, making them SEO powerhouses, because content remains king.  Who are some of the big names that are among the exclusive content on each of these  sites? Here are just a  few:

Robert Kiyosaki, author of the biggest selling financial book of all time, Rich Dad Poor Dad  (USA Business Radio)

Netflix celebrity and multi-time National Football Champion Coach, Buddy Stephens  (Price of Business)

Rep. Kevin Brady, the ranking member of the most powerful Committee in Congress  (USA Daily Times)

One of the greatest boxers of all time, Oscar De La Hoya discussing his business ventures   (The Daily Blaze)

A legendary broadcaster remembers the 1968 Democratic National  Convention  (US Daily Review)

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