By Wayne Allyn Root, Special for USDR

Obama is famous for saying, “If you like your health insurance, you can keep it.” We all know how that worked out.

Now Obama brags about his economic “recovery.” It’s as if he’s saying, “If you like your economy, you can keep it.”

Well, Mr. Obama, let me say this. “There is nothing to like about this economy. And you can keep it.”

We’re all being fed a pack of lies.

The first lie is: “We are in recovery.” Really? In just the past few days we’ve found out:

Does any of this sound like a recovery, or a healthy economy? To me it sounds more like … economic ruin. It sounds like “the murder of the middle class.”

That’s the title of my new book exposing how the middle class is the target of a purposeful attack by big government, big business, big unions and, of course, big media – all of them protected by covering up the facts.

The second lie we’re being told is that we have a jobs recovery. Really?

In June 288,000 new jobs were created. Sounds great, right? The media trumpeted that number. No one bothered to explain that the net positive 288,000 jobs breaks down to 523,000 good, full-time jobs lost and over 800,000 crappy part-time jobs gained.

Take New York City. From June 2008 until this spring 2014, 191,000 low-wage jobs were created in New York City versus just 3,745 middle-class jobs ($45,000 per year or higher).

One hundred ninety-one thousand versus 3,745 tells one heck of a story. The media choose to hide the fact that middle-class jobs are headed for extinction. They never mention that if you want a job in this Obama economy, you’d better be prepared to flip burgers, clean toilets, mow lawns, or tend bar … part-time.

The government and media tell us unemployment is down to 6.2 percent. Really?

Well, not really. You see, they don’t count the under-employed – like college graduates flipping burgers at McDonald’s. And they don’t count the millions who have given up, dropped out and now live on the government dole. If everyone in America simply stopped looking for a job, the unemployment rate would amazingly drop to zero. This is how government commits fraud that would put a private sector CEO in prison. And their accomplices in the media say nothing.

The third great lie is: “There is no inflation.” Government and the media repeat this whopper every day, another statistical lie. Government changed the inflation index so the very things the average middle-class household spends the majority of its budget on – groceries, gas, electricity, health insurance and the cost of college for your kids – no longer counts. Everyone knows those bills have skyrocketed under Obama. Most are at all-time highs. But the books have been cooked by big government and big media.

And then there’s the biggest whopper of all. That’s when politicians claim, “Things are normal.” Unfortunately, this “new normal” is a gigantic Ponzi scheme. To create this illusion of “normal” and hide an Obama Great Depression, this administration has spent a world record $3.7 trillion on entitlements, plus they’ve printed trillions more in fake money to make the stock market rocket to new highs.

Take away these trillions and we’d see tent cities and food lines. This massive government spending and printing of fake dollars is all that is keeping America from looking like Detroit, a bankrupt third-world hell-hole filled with abandoned buildings and broken street lights. Take away the Fed printing and the biggest corporations and union pension funds would be insolvent. Where would Obama get his donations?

Obama and his socialist/progressive Democratic cronies have hidden their economic failures by spending record sums and creating massive debt, over $7 trillion to be exact. They lie to you, claiming that debt is the solution. It’s not. Debt is the problem. They lie to you because they don’t have to pay it back – YOU DO! You, your children and unborn grandchildren owe the money. That’s “the murder of the middle class.”

To make it worse, the only jobs Obama and the Democrats have to show for all this debt, jobs flipping burgers at McDonald’s, ironically don’t even come with benefits (like health insurance).

So yes, Mr. Obama, if you like this economy, YOU can keep it. And I’m going to show my discipline and respect for the presidency here by not telling you where you can keep it.

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