The US is Looking Increasingly like Japan

Kevin Price, Publisher and Editor in Chief.

Twenty years ago, I would give speeches all over the country and around the world about the “Japan miracle.”  Now it is increasingly becoming the ugly stepchild of the world economy.  Rarely do we hear about the country, unless it is in the context of a national tragedy, economic decline, or other dark story.  Recently we heard that China has become the second largest economy and Japan was succumbed like a speed bump. 

The next target for China appears to be the United States and as the Asian nation moves at a break neck pace, the US continues to limp along and show signs of decline.  In fact, it is safe to say the US has put the breaks on growth and the beneficiary could be China.  In this news roundup here are a few stories on the subject. Will US economy mirror Japan’s economic problems?

CBS: Is the US the Next Japan?

Naked Capitalism: Is America Becoming the Next Japan?

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