The VP Dodging Bullets

By Michelle Seiler-Tucker, Special for  USDR

Who knew that it would be so hazardous to be the Vice President? The life of a Vice President of the United States of America cannot be an easy existence as it is; most are likely aware of this fact. Set aside the daily responsibility that naturally comes along with the life of being the heir to the most powerful man in the world. Set aside as well, the inability to divulge classified information which likely correlates with the creation of multiple stomach ulcers. Now think about how many of the most recent Vice Presidents (two of two) have had encounters with live fire ammunition. The most recent case with Vice President Biden is certainly a no harm, no foul situation considering victimless nature of the crime. On the polar opposite end of the spectrum is the case involving then-Vice President Cheney and the non-fatal “silent” heart attack and atrial fibrillation that Harry Wittington suffered after his suspiciously close-ranged shotgun injury, compliments of the #2 American  Executive.

Thankfully, Vice President Joe Biden was away from his Greenville residence where an apparent drive-by by an, as yet, unnamed perpetrator occurred. As I previously alluded to, this is not the only incident in the past decade involving a ‘current’ Vice President and unintended ballistics. The Biden incident is far less unfortunate than the incident involving former Vice President Dick Cheney; which resulted in a 78-year old man getting shot in the head, neck, and chest by Mr. Cheney’s bird-shot-loaded shotgun. The incident involving former Vice President Cheney began as a leisurely afternoon hunting trip among friends on a 50,000 acre ranch. It all went horribly wrong when Wittington, who was searching a nearby coven for successfully hunted prey, and Mr. Cheney lost logistical ballistics      integrity…

I am telling you that the Vice President shot a guy wearing an orange safety vest ‘in the face’ and decided that nobody should say anything until Wittington’s official statement the next morning. Perhaps these types of activities led to the ghastly low approval rating that plagued the Bush-Cheney administration, perhaps not. Unfortunately a correlation cannot be made between the historically low approval ratings of Bush-Cheney (28%) and the presently feeble approval ratings (46%) of the Obama-Biden administration based on anomalous ballistic  occurrences.

Several things are certain for business executives  though:

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