The World Cup & Brazil's Booming Sex Industry

By Michelle Seiler-Tucker Special For USDR

As the leading authority in the business brokering industry, I’ve sold hundreds of companies and franchises to many eager entrepreneurs and business owners throughout my career. In my line of work, I broker the buying and selling of businesses; in the case of the World Cup, however, business is booming for those who broker the buying and selling of sex. With every world cup tournament, Super Bowl, and major international event, prostitutes from every corner of the world sashay to that location to capitalize on the demand for physical intimacy. As darkness falls, the streets are sure to come alive as numerous “women of the evening” are seen standing on street corners, leaning into cars, making their own set of business deals.

Prostitutes are now offering World Cup “specials” just in time for the rousing spectacle watched by millions across the globe. Many of the ladies view the sports enthusiastic tourists as a source of extra income, and many women are throwing on their red pumps for the first time especially for the international sporting event. There is big money in the sex trade industry and it seems that everyone wants a piece of the pie.

Brazil’s largest assemblage of brothels stands only a mile from the famous Maracana stadium and because prostitution is legal in the country, the average Joe Blow won’t have to travel far for the thrill of the feel. For a special occasion like the World cup, the working girls offer half an hour of sex for 60 Real or $20. 100 Real – the equivalent of $135 will get a buyer an hour in an upstairs boudoir. Girls lean out onto the streets as throngs of men arrive by taxi, scooter or on foot. The district has been running for 16 years, though attempts have been made to make it more respectable for the four-week festival of football, with outside barbecues, bunting and TVs in bars.

I do not endorse the “business” of selling one’s body for profit and frankly find it rather pathetic when a woman chooses a path of this nature. I am however, sympathetic to those who believe that prostitution is their only way out. With the average national wage less than $270 a month, many women take an opportunity like the World Cup to sell their bodies in hopes of meeting a man that will save her from impoverishment. What these women in the sex industry truly need is a strong sense of self worth and the knowledge that prostitution is the absolute last resort, not the only. Far be it from me to cast judgment on another, but I know the difference in the confidence that comes from using your brain for a living as opposed to your body.

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