There’s a New Sheriff in Town

By Keith D. Rodebush, Contributor to US Daily Review.

When our Founding Fathers were contemplating the form of our government they ruminated endlessy about the fallable nature of Man and the resulting corrupting influence it has on all forms of government that had come before. In the end their conclusions were simple; all government is corrupt by its very nature as it can only be implemented by Man, an imperfect creature. Therefore, they concluded that our only defense against this corruption is to keep government as close to us as possible so that the corruption could be transparently discovered and dealt with quickly.

The concept is simple but profound; the more local the corruption, the easier it is to confront and destroy. If the corrupter is your neighbor, it is simple to point him out to the community and have him dealt with either legally or politically. However, when the corruption comes from nameless and faceless people hundreds or thousands of miles away, it is nearly impossible to discover, much less destroy. Additionally, they understood that if you centralize power, it becomes too influential to confront. How can the average citizen take on a huge bureaucracy a thousand miles away? How can one confront an oligarchy when their influence reaches across numerous business sectors and controls massive government entities that can be brought to bear against a foe? For this reason they constantly warned that government must be kept as powerless as possible, with most power residing among the Several States or the People themselves. They set up the system of County Sheriff’s who were very powerful and responsive to the people within their jurisdiction. The Founders were reluctant to infuse great power to the federal government so they dissipated that power by delegating it across the land to local authorities with autonomy to handle their affairs close to home. This requires a People agreeable to trading some security or comfort for Liberty. This was the bedrock of our republic for over 100 years. We have strayed from this most precious conception of self governance. There’s a new sheriff in town; and he is not here to protect you, he is here to rule you, and his name is federal government.

So what do we really get from this new ruler we have empowered to run our lives? Has the trade off been worth it? Do we really need Liberty? Isn’t comfort and security better than Liberty? Unfortunately, most people in America today cannot thoughtfully resolve these questions. Granted it is a bit of a set up, but that is part and parcel of what ails America; the lack of critical thinking. You see, the questions presuppose facts not in evidence. The real question is; is the federal government more capable of providing security and comfort than individual Americans? Ask the victims of Hurricane Katrina that question. Fact is that in many cases the government, in the form of the police or national guard, actually prevented people from protecting themselves or their property. Once you abregate your responsibility for your own protection to others they will not allow you to simply reacquire it, even in times of extreme peril. Ask any accountant if your Social Security dollars have been well invested and result in a reasonable return. Ask any doctor if Medicare dollars are prudently spent and more responsibly allocated than individuals would require. We all know the answers. We ALL know the answers. Some would disregard that knowledge and allege that the system simply needs more accountability or even more money and then it would all work marvelously, but even they know it isn’t working now. Most of us know the truth; it will never work.

What we really get for our money is corruption, bureaucratic nightmares, inefficient government programs requiring thousands of employees who demand ever more pay and benefits while providing ever less efficiency. We get crony capitalists who punish their political enemies while ingratiating their political friends. Juxtapose the Solyndra scandal against the story of Gipson Guitars. Imagine you were involved with writing regulations that hobbled some businesses while benefiting others, mostly large corporations, and you could also invest in the new winners you were about to crown? How fast would you land in prison? But as author and scholar Peter Schweizer tells us in his new book “Throw Them All Out”, this is what our Congress has been doing for years. Every reasonable American knows that they belong in prison. And yet, in 2010, a historical election year, 86.7% of the incumbents were re-elected by ‘We the People’. And this was a record year, typically 95% or so win re-election. Criminals, who belong in prison, receiving donations and votes of millions of hard-working Americans whose opportunities are less, Liberties are subverted and prosperity is diminished by the very person to which they give their most precious American asset; a vote. The answer is very clear for all who care to see. The Founders were right. We so-called enlightened modern Americans are really just idiots. It is time we acknowledged a lack of nuanced historical education that is required to appreciate what our Constitution was supposed to provide; protection of our Liberty. Nothing more, nothing less. Without Liberty we are just another failed country, waiting on the inevitable day when the weight of corruption and tyranny brings down the whole and chaos reigns anew. It is truly sad how history repeats itself, even among those with the depth of available knowledge and tools of freedom as the American People.

The time has come my fellow Americans. Admit your shortcomings, admit your ignorance, admit your careless greed. Give the Founding Fathers the respect they deserve. Resolve to never again allow a politician to sway your vote with rhetoric. Allow only deeds to inform your vote. Has politician A ever voted for an unconstitutional program? Has politician B ever worked tirelessly to dismantle government? Has politician C ever defended your Liberty at personal cost? These are the only criteria that should inform your vote. ‘But Keith, what if none of them fit the bill?’ A great question my friend. And the answer lies in the Constitution once again, in the terms of office and power reserved for each branch. Vote them out in the primary every time, regardless of the opponent. If the new one fails to abide by the document they swear to protect, then vote them out in the next primary, and so on. Do it each and every election until they get the message. WE, the American People, are the rulers of YOU our representatives. Not the other way around.

Vote, Rinse, Repeat.

Keith D. Rodebush is a Christian businessman, a writer and an armchair scholar. He has a Bachelor of Science in Architecture from the University of Arkansas. Keith is currently working on a novel and periodically writes at his blog “Ignarus Semino Dominatus
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