Things to Remember While Converting PowerPoint Business Presentations to Google Slides

Today, the business world is getting connected to the Cloud. There are effective programs that help you create, as well as, share presentations and projects without downloading software. This makes it possible for everyone in your team or organization to view important files and business presentations. As previously, all things were not really cloud-based; people have been using PowerPoint for coming up with effective business  presentations.

As eventually, individuals and companies are opting for cloud-based systems, they are coming to understand and realize that they actually require converting whatever they have into predominantly, cloud-based solutions like Google Slides. If you are thinking of taking that leap, you need to keep in mind certain important things while converting PowerPoint to the Google  Slides.

Transitions or  Animations

Before you start transferring and exporting your PowerPoint business presentations, you need to remember that transitions and animations used in your projects would not be carrying over. This could cause a little bit of disappointment for people using animations in every PowerPoint business presentations. Keep reminding yourself that the objective of switching over to the cloud is to keep the content intact and let multiple professionals in the business have easy access to the business presentations without necessitating downloading of external software. Ultimately this could prove to be a critical issue if you are thinking in terms of transferring intricate and complex PowerPoint presentation to the Cloud. You could seek the professional assistance from reputed companies such as for effective PPT  solutions.


When creating business PowerPoint presentations, you could seamlessly integrate video and audio into your presentation. This could become a major issue while you are trying to upload your business project or presentation to Google Slides. The audio or video would not be working anymore. But you could consider reinserting the video from directly YouTube or your computer while in the Google Slides. However, the process could be slightly more challenging in the case of audio. You would literally require linking a picture with an appropriate link to the web audio file. You could then start playing the audio by  clicking.


You must be wondering if at all anything gets transferred intact without formatting or anything else getting compromised. Do not worry at all because slide notes would be staying correctly formatted while PowerPoint presentations are being uploaded to the Google Slides. This implies that all your HR or speaker notes that you had typed meticulously remain intact after the  transfer.


There would be one more striking feature that would be intact and working fine even after the switchover from the PowerPoint to the Google Slides. This wonderful feature is none other than SmartArt. In case, you are thinking of converting from the Google Slides to PPT, you simply need to do the  following

File>Download As>Microsoft PowerPoint. Well, this would be working wonders for  everything.


We could conclude that PowerPoint presentations and projects are not always fully compatible with Google Slides. However, if you keep the above-discussed points in mind, they would be helping you in making the switchover from the PowerPoint to the Google Slides easier and relatively  smoother.

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