Three Life Lessons People Learn From Competing

There is some truth to the old saying that it is a dog eat dog world out there. The world is fast-paced and highly competitive, so those who do not know how to go with flow get left behind. That may seem like a harsh concept, but it is a fact of life. Time waits for no one, so individuals must learn to strike when the iron is hot, so to speak, in order to take advantage of opportunities. As such, everyone, both young and old, must understand the value of competition as it has the capability of igniting internal processes that can be used to succeed in life.

Never underestimate the power of competition as it presents opportunities for learning and development. Competitions exist not just for entertainment or trophies; the ultimate goal is not only to win but to improve and grow. Competition is a process that teaches people, and the trophies that come with it are merely the recognition of that growth. Here are the top three things that people can learn from competing:

Handle Matters Gracefully in the Face of Adversity

All games can never be won no matter how great a person or a team is, so defeat is inevitable at some point in time. Losing does not feel good, but it is a pivotal moment that teaches perseverance. Competition illustrates a fundamental characteristic called sportsmanship. Everyone learns how to handle defeat and difficulties gracefully. People have a choice to wallow in misery over challenges, or they can use it as a fuel to achieve their goals.

Moreover, it teaches people to work hard, improve in the face of losses, and foster determination to achieve goals. People are motivated not to quit but to grow so they can do better next time. Faced with a hard life situation, people who compete frequently have better-coping skills that help them face issues. Pressing problems do not and will not dictate their life path because they are equipped with the right attitude even in the face of adversity.

Aim for Excellence and Avoid Complacency

A well-respected economist once said that “complacency is the enemy of excellence!” Those who settle mean they no longer grow. They do not feel compelled to strive harder because they are already satisfied with meager opportunities. However, competition keeps that fire alive, which motivates people to strive harder to aim for excellence. This is a process that evolves because once a goal has been met, a new one is made, keeping people on their feet, ready to adjust and make a response.

Growth can only happen when people are not complacent. The moment someone declares that they have made it, it means they slide back down the ladder of success. Successful people understand that competition is an evolutionary process. Seasoned competitors always stay hungry and yearn to achieve more. They work ceaselessly to improve their craft so that they can live with passion, purpose, and productivity.

Work and Communicate with Others Better

Those who are in sports learn to work and communicate with others better. Both team and individual athletes need to work with the coaching staff, and they also meet other athletes who share the passion for the same sport. Competition is a rewarding endeavor that teaches everyone how to work with others. Collaboration is an essential component of success because no one can do it all alone.

Working hard together forges special bonds between people. This does not mean to say everything will be smooth-sailing. Disagreements also happen with team members or mentors, but the thing is, these are handled maturely. Issues are ironed out with proper communication and worked through for the betterment of everyone. The opportunity to be around many people teaches vital skills on how to handle conflict and differences without making enemies, but instead, it promotes learning form the strengths of other people.

Bottom Line

Competition is a crucial component in life that teaches everyone, both young and old, that success doesn’t happen just by chance or accident. Those who want to win must learn to work hard and commit to the process. Things are never going to be very easy, but it will undoubtedly be rewarding and worth all the effort.

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