Three Risk Factors Causing ADHD

By Frank J. Granett,  Contributor, the Price of Business Show. 

Amazing things happen in children and adults battling behavioral challenges when nutritional, physiological as well as environmental risk factor assessments are utilized prior to premature drug therapy. There exists an underlying root cause for ADHD, anxiety, stress, and depression. For example, the symptoms of ADHD mimic many other medical conditions. Reactive hypoglycemia, upper cervical subluxation, Convergence Insufficiency (C.I.), dysfunctional nutritional absorption (Leaky gut syndrome), dysfunctional toxin elimination and sensory-auditory perception disorder represent a few of many assessments that can determine the cause of behavioral challenges faced by children as well as adults.

Optimizing behavioral health stretches beyond the walls of our homes, and into the workplace. Businesses across America are affected to the tune of over 300 billion dollars annually due to stress, anxiety, depression, and ADHD, with 41% of Americans saying they “feel tense or stressed out during the workday.” A recent study by Health & Human Services showed a 5 fold return in productivity for every dollar spent on corporate health & wellness programs.

Healthcare professionals should implement a strategic Action Plan for Childhood Behavioral Conditions prior to premature drug therapy as discussed in The American Epidemic: Solutions for Over-medicating Our Youth. A new vision in the bio-assessment of behavioral challenges is here, ruling out the cause of behavioral challenges. Healthcare professionals, parents, educators as well as public health policymakers should unite and give children a new voice for the new assessments in behavioral health. Comprehensive bio-assessment as well as behavioral assessment is the new Price of ADHD Business model for adults as well as children prior to premature drug therapy. Learn how to develop a healthy focused mind at home and work through the CAOOY Educational DVD and The American Epidemic: Solutions for
Over-medicating Our Youth available at

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