Through DHS Funding, GOP Congress Gives Amnesty a Pass

Republican Rank and File Shocked by House Action


By a vote of 257-167, the U.S. House of Representatives passed a bill today to fund the Department of Homeland Security through the end of September. With only 75 Republicans voting for it, this bill was heavily dependent on the Democrats to  pass.

U.S. Congressman Kevin Brady (R-TX) was one of the many who voted “no”.  “I intend to keep fighting for the principles in the House bill that stopped the President’s unconstitutional executive amnesty cold while fully funding the Department of Homeland Security. The question of funding border and homeland security was never in doubt, especially given the real threat of ISIS, the drug cartels and our dangerous  borders.

“I am deeply disappointed the Senate repeatedly failed to pass the common-sense House measure that helped restore the Constitutional checks and balances that have served America so well for over 200  years.”

Many now believe that Speaker John Boehner exploited the goodwill that came from the conservative wing of the GOP after inviting Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu to speak.  In fact, some are even speculating that the well received speech greased the path for the passage of the DHS   funding.

The 75 Republicans that voted against it included many in the House leadership and very few from border states that have been hard hit by the President’s immigration executive order.  Many rank and file conservatives will want to go after these 75 Republicans, while others still will want the political heads of 220 who voted for Beohner as Speaker.  After all, a vote for Boehner turned into a vote for the President’s controversial immigration executive  order.

This from Fox  News: 

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