Tim Kirby on Being in the Russian Army

By Defending Russia, Special for  USDR

Defending Russia” http://defendingrussia.com presents the translation of RT journalist Tim Kirby’s article titled “Soldier of Complete Misfortune: An American in the Russian  Navy”.

What kind of prejudices do foreigners have against the Russian army and what is it like in the Russian Armed Forces? These are two questions for the author to answer while sharing the experience of a week stay in the Russian Navy, gained in the course of a reality show. Tim Kirby, a Russian journalist and a RT observer of the US-origin became a participant of a yearly project on the Russian army and the only American in the Russian Navy. 12 persons take part in the show. Half of them have served in the army, another half have not. Within a week-long period, they bear the burden of service along with the military and prove they deserve becoming true soldiers. In the review Tim Kirby covers details of service in the Russian Armed Forces, living conditions of the Russian military, relations between soldiers and officers, etc. “Some myths have been busted while others have been acknowledged”, – the author writes. You may find the conclusions the author comes to during the stay in the

Russian army in the full article at   http://defendingrussia.com/a/soldier_of_complete_misfortune_an_american_in_the_russian_navy-4117/

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