Tim Pawlenty is out of the Race for the White House

From the Los Angelas Times:

You can argue the Ames Straw Poll is merely a beauty contest and doesn’t matter, but for former Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty — like others before him — it was enough to break his campaign’s back.

Pawlenty went on ABC News’ “This Week” on Sunday and told correspondent Jake Tapper that he was ending his candidacy for the Republican presidential nomination less than a full day after a disappointing third-place finish in the Ames Straw Poll. He came in well behind winner Rep. Michele Bachmann and close second-place finisher Rep. Ron Paul.

His name was in the mix early as a GOP presidential contender, and as a “two-term governor of a blue state,” as he described himself to Tapper, he felt that track record of working across the aisle would be a plus.

But the quick rise of fellow Minnesota politician Bachmann, the continued presence of

…former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, and the entry into the race yesterday of Texas Gov. Rick Perry — who finished above Romney in the poll, as a write-in candidate — left Pawlenty with little prospect of raising the funds he needed to continue.One of the fatal wounds to Pawlenty’s campaign may have been… (read more)
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