Time Tries Shocking Photo to Get Readers Attention

By US Daily Review Staff.

Time Magazine, like many others in traditional media, has struggled to get the attention of potential readers in this highly competitive environment. The bottom line, virtually every story the Time covers can be found in other websites without spending a dime at the newsstand.

With shrinking readership and growing competition, one has to think that the latest magazine cover (see below) had to be motivated as much by the need to create buzz, than anything else.  Clearly the magazine could compliment the article’s slug with several different picture choices.  It wasn’t because it was the only photo, or especially the most professional photo, but the one that would grab attention.  This cover certainly did that. Dozens of other major media sites (including US Daily Review) gave the cover (and, thus, the Time Magazine name) a huge amount of publicity by covering the story. This makes one have to think, does that end justify this means?

So what do you think? Has Time Magazine shown a stroke of genius or mere bad taste? Was there a better image to convey to catch the attention of readers without going for shock?  We would love to know your thoughts, good and bad, on this interesting choice of photos.

Image: Time Magazine.

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