Tips For Decluttering Your Life


You may feel overwhelmed all the time. This could be due to a number of reasons, including work and your home life. It’s important to step back and figure out what’s making you feel stressed out. One major cause for this strain is that you have too much clutter in your  life.

Clutter makes you feel crabby and upset. When you create obstacles that are in your way, it’s frustrating and annoying to deal with them each day. It’s time to get control of your surroundings and personal items. You’ll feel freer and more prepared to face each day. See tips for decluttering your  life.

Consolidate your  Closet

Head to your bedroom and scope out your closet. See which shoes and clothing items are in bad shape or no longer fit. Start a donation and a throw away pile so it’s easier to organize. Take time and try your clothes on before you categorize them. Buy hangers and shelves that’ll help you better organize the items you’re keeping. Organize your closet by season and put your favorites up front, so it’s easy to see what you like to  wear.

Organize your  Home

Tackle your home on a rainy weekend when you don’t mind being inside. Purchase organizational tools and bins to help you better store your items. Take one room at a time and go slow. Make sure you’re not throwing away anything you really want to keep. There’s a spot for all your belongings if you’re  patient.

Clean your  Car

A messy car isn’t enjoyable for you or your passengers. Take your car to a car wash or do it yourself, either way, it’s important to give it a nice deep clean. Throw away the garbage and remove any papers or personal belongs you’ve been storing in your car. You’ll feel so much better after it’s cleaned and won’t be embarrassed to drive other people  around.

Sell Unwanted Gift  Cards

Go through your old junk and gift cards and take inventory of your personal belongings. Instead of tossing them, get cash for gift cards online. It’s a smart way to get rid of the gift cards you don’t want because they’re still valuable to someone else. You’ll get cash in your pocket and the gift card out of your home. Selling your unwanted gift cards is a painless online process that’s completed in  minutes.

Go through your  Phone

Clean out your phone and feel less stressed. Get rid of old pictures and contacts who you no longer speak to on the phone. Delete items that are taking up a lot of storage and data. It’ll feel good cleaning out your contacts and information you no longer use. This way you don’t have to stare at it each day. Cleaning out your personal life and drama you don’t need is good for your health and  happiness.


Everyone benefits for organizing their belongings. It’s a great way to remove unwanted stress from your daily schedule. These are tips for decluttering your life and getting your freedom  back.

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