Tips on Choosing the Best Exhibit Space at Trade Shows

Choosing the right spot for your booth and backdrop at a trade show can play an important role in the success of your marketing strategy. All booth spaces don’t yield equal results. The location of your booth decides how much foot traffic you manage to attract, which will affect the return on investment (ROI), say experts at New York Banner Stands, a leading banner printing service for trade show banners in NYC.

Here’s a look at some key tips on choosing the best location for your trade show exhibits.

1.   The Best Spots are Often Near the Show Floor Entrance

You will find windows and areas near the entrance to the event full of attractive displays, to engage the attendees. So, managing to secure a booth near the entrance will help increase your brand’s visibility. The attendees are not only fresh and ready to interact when they enter, but a location near the entrance attracts a lot of potential customers, giving your team a lot of sales opportunities. This location also increases the visibility of trade show backdrop or step and repeat banner, providing useful information about your business.

2.   Near the Food or Restrooms

Restrooms and food stalls at trade show also attract high traffic, since attendees are most likely to visit one or both these areas. Getting a booth on the way to or near these areas will ensure that most attendees see your displays. You can even get custom large tents created for such events to grab attention.

3.   At Aisle Intersections and Corners

Intersections and corners are also great places to position your exhibit. They offer the opportunity to attract and engage with customers across two different aisles. You can get a booth such that it opens on to two aisles to provide greater opportunities to your sales team to convert attendees into potential customers.

4.   Left vs. Right

Your booth being on the left side or the right side of a trade show hall can also affect the foot traffic to your exhibit. People around the world have different ways of starting their exhibit hall tour. Studies show that people in Europe tend to start the hall tour from the left side, while people in the US start from their right. So, choose the sides accordingly.

5.   Walk the Floor Yourself

It’s a great idea to visit the trade show venue in person before choosing a location. Visiting an earlier event will provide you an idea about places that attract the most foot traffic. You can take notes of the traffic patterns too. This will help you explore the perfect spot for your step and repeat banners at the event.

You can consider getting a location near major exhibitors, if they aren’t direct competitors. Avoid close proximity to your direct competitors. Book as early as you can, to get the best locations at the right price. You need to back the location of your booth with some eye catching banners, posters, step and repeat and flags, to leave a memorable impression of your brand among the visitors.

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