Top 10 Social Networking Sites With Oldest Profile Pictures



Recently an online local services marketplace, Bidvine surveyed 2,000 British people who were using different social and networking sites to find out when they last changed their profile pictures. The results turned out to be rather surprising, with nearly half of users responded not changing their profile pictures for 2  years.

Bidvine respondents were using different networking sites including social, professional and dating sites/ apps. It was revealed that users of dating sites/ apps like Grindr and Tinder had a habit to change most frequently, every 2-3 weeks. Whereas, users of social networking sites/apps like Facebook and Instagram were used to change every 5-6 months. The results went downhill from here, as users on professional networking sites/apps like LinkedIn were used to update their profile pictures after 2.1 years, on average. Furthermore, users of old dating sites like Plenty Of Fish and were not altering their pictures for 2-4 years. What came out as a shock was the fact that almost 11% of respondents admitted using 10-year old pictures on their  profiles.

A detailed breakdown of display picture’s duration on social sites/apps was as  follows: 4 years
Plenty Of Fish 3.2 years
LinkedIn 2.1 years
Twitter 1.8 years
SnapChat 8 months
Instagram 6 months
Facebook 5 months
WhatsApp 2.5 months
Tinder 3 weeks
Gindr 2 weeks

It is obvious from the table that users of relatively newer social sites/apps tend to update their profile pictures sooner than the users of older  sites.

When inquired about the reason for keeping an old display picture, more than half said they can’t find a picture they are content with, and almost half (49%) reported they want to appear younger to online  visitors.

CEO at, Sohrab Jahanbani added that younger audience on newer networking/social sites/apps likes to update their display pictures more often; almost 50% teens log on to social sites at least once daily and a staggering 25% check their profiles 10 times a day. Though this much exposure is debatable, it is apparent young generation uses online networking sites more  often.

He further added that users linked to older or professional social networks like Twitter and LinkedIn don’t feel the need to update their display pictures regularly. However, people on old dating sites want to appear younger, so they use their older  pictures.

Soharab Jahanbani further added that considering this trend, bidvine is setting up photo booths across the country to offer photography services for people looking to have better display pictures. He believes with these photo booths people will finally have decent looking photos for their social sites. Moreover, these professional photographs could be used for other events like a wedding and a company  headshot.

Dates and venues of these professional photo booths will be updated soon on

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