Top 5 Reasons to Hire a Private Investigator

We all have an idea of Private Investigators in our heads, conjuring up memories of Sherlock Holmes and our favorite crime dramas. But even though we think of drastic measures these PI’s take, with even more dramatic cases, PI work can be quite simple and doesn’t have to be scandalous.

Although everyone likes to see a good personal drama, like infidelity or a stolen identity, routine work for PI’s often includes smaller cases. Corporate espionage, investment scams, background checks, and types of fraud make up many of their cases.

If you need some serious research or surveillance done, read further to learn about the top five reasons to hire a private investigator!

Professional Background Checks

Say you’re a wealthy individual looking to invest in the newest up-and-coming company. More than likely, you want to do your research over this company, verifying their pictures or statistics are accurate.

This type of research is an overhaul and requires more hours than you’re willing to give just to invest a little cash. This is where a PI comes in. You pay them, they find out if the business is a reliable investment, if there have been any previous scams, or essentially, any dirt to be found.

This is also a good way to see if the company is a total fraud. With the internet and technological advances, many individuals have created false companies in order to scam investors.

Insurance Fraud

Talk about a money-making business! Insurance fraud happens when someone claims a false injury or reports an item stolen when it’s not. There are numerous examples, pick a type of insurance and there has been some fraud attempted.

Although these cases can become large, even small businesses must do their diligence in making sure claims are legitimate. PI’s, like the folks at, can research the claims themselves, do the mandatory surveillance, and provide documented proof of an injury, stolen item, or whatever is suspected of fraud.

Law enforcement can’t get involved unless fraud is actually committed, hiring a private investigator is a good way of taking preventative measures or providing the necessary evidence against the fraudulent claim.


The big one you’ve been waiting for! Although a PI can take smaller cases, there are many cases of infidelity suspicions often entwined with legal ramifications.

Take an infidelity clause, for example. Many wealthy individuals write up an infidelity clause where the spouse who was cheated on gets a significant payout if proof of infidelity is provided.

Of course, there doesn’t need to be legal ramifications to hire a PI. Both married and unmarried couples can become suspicious of their partner cheating. Hiring a PI to do a bit of digging or light surveillance can put these suspicions to rest. Or, if infidelity is happening, now their partner can know and take the next necessary steps.

Private investigators are discreet in infidelity cases, which is exactly what’s needed concerning personal relationships.

Criminal Investigations

This one is a pretty big one, as far as reasons go. Criminal investigations can involve many things, such as a hit-and-run, kidnapping, theft, abuse, and even murder!

If a loved one or a friend becomes a missing person, and it’s ruled as kidnapping, there is a definite time cap on how long local authorities will investigate the case before it becomes cold. This doesn’t mean officers or detectives aren’t invested, it means they have to serve the rest of their community. Unfortunately, this sometimes can mean a family doesn’t find justice or answers.

This is the perfect opportunity to hire a private investigator. A PI works for you, and as long as you are willing to pay and there’s hope, they will continue searching for answers. Private investigators aren’t bound by local financial or time restraints.

In some cases, a family or friend can feel jaded with law enforcement, as if they didn’t look hard enough for answers. If this is how you feel, a PI is your best bet in criminal investigations.

Stalking Investigations

Much like criminal investigations, local law enforcement can only do so much, particularly in stalking situations. Millions of people every year report stalker behavior or file reports. But in all honesty, there isn’t much law enforcement can do because they can’t be around 24/7 in order to get things done.

PI’s can’t be around 24/7 either, but they can give a significant amount of their time to surveillance, and attempting to get ahead before the situation spirals out of control. PI’s can push for legal ramifications on behalf of their client as well, focusing on prosecuting the offender.

Reasons to Hire a Private Investigator

In sum, the reasons to hire a private investigator are much the same, though the cases can be quite diverse. The PI’s sole job is to provide the client what they’re searching for. This could be evidence, answers, peace of mind, etc. The benefit is that you have someone on your side who has the same goal as you.

Private investigators also have experience in research and surveillance. It’s not that people can’t do their own research, it’s just the amount of research it takes to find the true story. A PI won’t only do a quick search on Google or Facebook, but will spend hours following a lead. Hours most people don’t have the time nor patience to dedicate.

Surveillance is another benefit. A PI often has specific technology and training in surveillance.

There are numerous reasons why individuals or companies should hire a private investigator. Whether it’s watching a person or a company, in depth-research, or legal troubles, a PI has you covered.

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