Top 5 Signs you Have a Bad Boss

By Workcompass, Special for  USDR

Did you know three out of four employees have a bad  boss?

68% of employees leave a job because their boss  sucks!

We identified 5 dishonourable traits and habits for managers to avoid becoming a bad  boss.

1. “I know it  all”
2. “I fear  change”
3. “I fail and never  learn”
4. “This is all about  me”
5. “Yes, absolutely  (always)”

6. BONUS: “I don’t  care”

Full details of each trait is  below.

WorkCompass has spent over 32,000 hours of R&D with international universities and market leading global companies researching the skills that make a great leader. We have distilled this down to just 21 multiple choice questions on the people management practices that  work.

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CEO Denis Coleman  stated:
“Great management is vital to individual and group excellence. Effective leadership allows organisations improve staff performance by on average 11% making staff more engaged and companies more  competitive.”

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The 5 traits in more  detail:

1. “I know it all” – Good leaders never have all of the answers and the one that thinks so is bad for business. Before their lack of wisdom becomes everyone’s downfall, help them see that they need to figure things out and ask the right questions when the answers aren’t so  clear.

2. “I fear change” – Change is scary and the business world is always changing. Yeah, that’s no comfort but stay with us here. Fearing change is paralyzing to your development and to facilitating the success of a team. Accept change and acknowledge that it is scary. See where you work best and get into making the most of changes  happening.

3. “I fail and never learn” – If you’re failing as a habit, you better hope you have something you can hang your hat on. You need to find out why, when, how, and what you fail at consistently. We have something for you about bouncing back from  failure.

4. “This is all about me” – You’re not a damn island. You’re the head, but this operation is not about just you and your career. Managers are connected to organization growth, their personal career and the livelihoods of their employees. To think your work is all about you is truly doing a dishonour to your career. Get some perspective about how this ecosystem  works.

5. “Yes, absolutely (always)” – Yes men and women cannot prioritize; they neglect to think, are unassertive, and prefer to maintain the status quo. Leaders need to challenge and progress you and the organization. They can start by saying  “no.”


6. “I don’t care” – We said 5 dishonorable leadership traits, but what’s one more in your brain? Lacking empathy is about the sum of these previous bad leadership traits and also shows a lack of accountability and lack of self leadership. Fixing this trait means you have to pay attention to your employees, ramp your awareness of your team and organization, and drop the judgment when you don’t agree with  others.

Leadership has an ugly side and some people relish in being a bad boss. See where you might have an issue here so that you can stomp it out at your organization. Better leaders lead to a more engaged  staff.


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