Top Career Opportunities in Artificial Intelligence Domain

Artificial Intelligence is one of the most trending technology and is amongst the most demanding fields in the IT industry. It includes techniques such as data mining, neural network, fuzzy system, and also the machine learning, etc. All of these techniques are essentially required when you decide to take an Artificial Intelligence course. These topics are crucial for students, faculties, scholars, and professionals in the field of Artificial Intelligence. Below given are Some of the real career opportunities in Artificial intelligence domain are:

  1. AI Research Scholar

One of the most demanding and best-rated careers in Artificial Intelligence is a research scholar. Although there are specific requirements to qualify as a research scholar, it is one of the careers with tremendous growth.

To qualify as an AI research Scholar, you need to have the following requirements

  • D. in AI related field
  • Creative and innovative along with logical thinking ability

AI research scholars are mostly hired by a government organization. They are required to provide real-time solutions. Hence, to make this possible, you need a lot of knowledge as well as innovative and a creative way of solving all the real-time problems. Therefore, this is one of the most growing and demanding fields in AI, and the positions are very rare to find.

  1. AI-Based Software Development

No matter what technology you are working on, you always need a developer who can develop the applications related to the same field. Same goes with Artificial intelligence. If you have sound logic and are dedicated to developing new things, you are perfect for this job.

There are certain requirements you need to get selected for this one,

  • A bachelor degree in Computer or IT Field is essential.
  • Master degree in related field
  • Deep knowledge of National and International journal research
  • Having good logical and mathematical skills such as reasoning will always count as an advantage
  1. Data Scientist

Data, if used efficiently can predict the future of any business. One who is doing all the operations and the data predictions are called the Data Scientists. To master the Artificial Intelligence Course, you need to learn this skill. There are certain requirements to qualify for a data scientist, these are

  • Good knowledge of Statistical Math
  • D. in a related field

This is one of the most growing technology and is constantly evolving. The job market will continue to grow in the upcoming years.

  1. Machine Learning Engineer

Machine learning is a concept where a lot of data is provided to the machine using which the machine learns and improves its working without any kind of programming. The machine learning is an essential part of AI. It includes all the technologies such as gesture recognition, fraud detection, Ad analysis, etc. The Machine Engineer engineer’s role is to see and understand the nature of the machine and act accordingly.

Below given are some things you should have to be an ML Engineer

  • Hardware knowledge
  • Mathematics knowledge is required

  1. Automation Engineer

Automation is one of the top 5 things you should master to be an AI expert. AI is solely based on automation. To solve the more complex tasks, the automation engineer needs to understand the working and the environment of AI. The more the analysis done, the more the system is automated.

There are many things you should know to be an expert Automation Engineer. Below given are some of the requirements or skill you should learn

  • Analyzing the system from all the perspective
  • Innovative thinking to use fewer resources and complete more amount of work
  • To understand and make the system to complete more task automatically

So, these are the top 5 skill which can be your career opportunity in the field of Artificial Intelligence. For any of these jobs, you should possess good mathematical and logical skills, problem-solving, innovative and creative thinking and programming along with algorithms, system software, and data structure.

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