Toronto Cosmetic Clinic Makes Smart Cut with Free Consultations


Over the last five years, demand for plastic surgery has increased across all demographics in Canada. Driven by our pop culture obsessed society and the advancement in cosmetic procedures, more people are deciding to physically change something about  themselves.

From children getting their ears reshaped to mother’s getting Mommy Makeovers, Canadian plastic surgeons are performing a range of cosmetic procedures. In fact, Canada now ranks 15th for countries where the most cosmetic surgeries are  performed.

It’s little surprise that the largest market for plastic surgery in Canada is Toronto, the country’s largest city. Toronto’s close proximity to the U.S. border also makes it a prime candidate for those traveling from abroad in search of a quality plastic surgeon.  Many countries, Canada included, have realized the vast potential benefit the cosmetic industry can have on a nation’s economy.  Toronto is also home to some of the nation’s most prestigious hospitals and cosmetic surgery  centres.

Of all the procedures performed in Canada, breast enhancements are by far the most popular, with more than 20,375 operations performed annually and accounting for 24.9 percent of all cosmetic  surgeries.

At Toronto Cosmetic Clinic, one of the country’s leading cosmetic surgery clinics and a clinic located in the heart of Toronto, there has also been an increase in demand for Mommy Makeovers and Brazilian Butt  Lifts.

These two procedures, which rely heavily on body shaping and contouring techniques, are performed at Toronto Cosmetic Clinic by Dr. Mansour Bendago, lead plastic surgeon at the clinic.  Dr. Bendago is so proficient at the Brazilian Butt Lift, he has earned the title of “Butt Lift King” for the sheer amount of procedures and patients he’s  served.

Of course, breast enhancements, butt lifts and surgical makeovers are only a handful of the procedures performed at Toronto Cosmetic Clinic. In addition to these in-demand procedures, the staff and surgeons perform a number of surgical and non-surgical procedures including laser liposuction surgery, rhinoplasty, tummy tuck, vaginoplasty, lip augmentation, hair removal, dermal filler and Botox to name a  few.

Choosing to undergo plastic surgery is a massive step that should never be taken lightly. That is one reason why the staff at Toronto Cosmetic Clinic have a comprehensive screening and consultation process. By completely understanding a patient’s goals and desires, the team can work to achieve the patient’s  wants.

The screening process also ensures patients are completely comfortable and informed about the surgery and postoperative care procedure, which is crucial in achieving the patient’s desired  goal.

The consultation is offered free of charge, in part because Toronto Cosmetic Clinic believes the power of change that cosmetic surgery provides should be available to anyone who is interested, and by keeping the consultation free they can help reduce overall costs for  patients.

When it comes to choosing a surgeon and facility for cosmetic surgery, potential patients should look for a doctor and clinic that is warm and inviting. Looking at before and after photos can also help patients see the types of results they can expect and gives them a realistic perspective on the amount of change the surgery will bring  about.

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