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Today, Travel Leaders Corporate released data from its clients’ annual business travel bookings indicating that the number of business travelers who book domestic airline tickets 14-20 days in advance increased 10% in 2013 as compared to the previous year. The data also shows that, on average, those travelers saw a 19% lower price on the cost of their domestic airline ticket versus those who booked less than seven days in advance. However, the biggest shift has been away from booking travel arrangements 21 days or more in advance, potentially to avoid an airline’s domestic change fee while also taking advantage of lower fares that are offered 14 days or more in advance. In addition, the data also confirms that the average total cost of an international business trip has reached a four-year low. Travel Leaders Corporate is a division of Travel Leaders Group – the top travel management company according to Business Travel Newswith approximately $18 billion in sales.

“In 2013, we saw a 10% increase with business travelers booking airfares in the 14-20 day range. During the same period, the number of transactions where the client booked more than 21 days out decreased by 11%,” said Travel Leaders Corporate President David Holyoke. “Business travelers are cognizant of the cost incurred when changing an airline ticket, which in some cases can be as much as $200. Through the work of our account managers and analysts, we are able to monitor actionable data and work closely with our clients to reduce the amount of change fees, ensuring that their trip is as cost efficient as possible.”

The table below illustrates Travel Leaders Corporate’s findings that in 2013, the number of clients booking their airfare in the 0-6 day range increased by 1%, and remained relatively flat with clients who booked in the 7-13 day range. The results indicate that most business travelers purchased their airline ticket 14-20 days in advance, with the fewest amount of business travelers purchasing their airline ticket 21 or more days in advance.
Domestic Advance Purchase – Transactions
0-6 Days 7-13 Days 14-20 Days 21+ Days
2010 31% 27% 17% 25%
2011 28% 27% 17% 28%
2012 23% 25% 20% 32%
2013 24% 25% 30% 21%

In addition, the data also indicates that the average cost of an international trip last year, – including combined air, car and hotel – has reached a four-year low, a trend Travel Leaders Corporate identified in mid-2013. Clients paid on average $2,461 in 2013, as compared to $2,508 in 2012.
International Average Total Trip Cost
2010 $2,499
2011 $2,496
2012 $2,508
2013 $2,461

“It’s important that our clients are able to justify the cost of their international business trips and, naturally, they are always interested in finding additional ways to save on travel expenses. Whether that’s shortening the length of a trip or focusing more on cost-effective accommodations, it’s our responsibility to provide our clients with all of the potential options available to them, so that they can have an equivalent or greater return on their investment,” said Holyoke.
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Travel Leaders Corporate is part of Travel Leaders Group, which ranks as the #1 corporate travel management company by Business Travel News and had sales of nearly $18 billion in 2012. Travel Leaders Corporate’s consultative approach builds a travel program around clients’ specific needs, rather than requiring them to conform to standardized processes. Unlike mega-agencies, Travel Leaders Corporate provides personalized service that can’t be matched in nameless, faceless call centers. At Travel Leaders Corporate, each client is served by a dedicated team of U.S.-based agents assigned to each account. With a reputation built on reliability and a commitment to excellence, Travel Leaders Corporate offers its clients industry-leading products and services, and continuously seeks higher levels of performance. Headquartered in Miami, FL, and with employees in more than 120 cities across the United States, Travel Leaders Corporate is a forward-thinking, innovative company with a focus on continually improving the customer experience. It’s the people of Travel Leaders Corporate that set it apart as a Departure from the
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