Trends We Are Likely to See in Welding in 2021

As the year 2021 continues, we are seeing (as we do every year) new trends in the welding industry. These are acting as driving factors in the industry and having a huge impact on business in general, as they welcome more sustainable methods, further technological advancements and developments in safety. Here are some of the recent trends we have seen in welding in 2021.

Robotic Welding

At the beginning of 2020, there were trend predications for welding that had a specific business in going digital. These developments were only accelerated thanks to the covid-19 pandemic, as workers were forced to adapt and limit contact with each other and equipment as much as possible. In a recent survey that was carried out amongst the Senior Leaders, it was shown that throughout the welding industry over 2020 there has been a modest growth in revenue. As such, there is new demand for more vigorous and ground-breaking technologies, which will be a primary focus throughout 2021.

This could result in a growing demand for robotic welding as 2020 was an insight into just how much the industry needs to embrace technology in order to continue to grow and become more resilient.

Technological Advancements

The above leads nicely into this second trend, which will be an increased reliance on technology in welding due to the advancements and improvements that have been demonstrated. In November 2020, the International Sheet Metal Review was posted, which specifically talks about a higher focus on flexible manufacturing, which would mean integrating machines and systems to move further towards a digital transformation.

This transformation would mean a larger reliance on AI, automation, robotics and more; however, the main focus would be on the software that is used to control both data and quality in the manufacturing process.

A Higher Focus on Welding Safety

There are many misconceptions in the welding industry that can sometimes be glanced over. For instance, many do not realize that when welding, you must use the same rod as your material, as was recently pointed out by Hot Air Tools. This is why they sell a variety of plastic welding rod so that people are able to properly and safely carry out their work.

This is merely one example of many, which is why today there are investments being made in welding safety that are more important than ever. There have been a rising number of concerns for welder’s occupational safety due to the actual risks whilst welding, as well as side effects from being exposed to harmful fumes regularly.

There are multiple studies being carried out in relation to these risks in an attempt to fully understand what steps need to be taken depending on the task at hand and the length of exposure to welding fumes. For example, if a welder is only working occasionally and for short periods of time then they may be okay wearing a lightweight helmet. However, if they are working for prolonged periods of exposure then they will likely need to use the best respirator protection available.

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