Trump Continues to be Heavy Favorite After Debate

By  CrowdANALYTIX, Special for  USDR

CrowdANALYTIX today released conclusions of its analysis of the second GOP debate on CNN. These conclusions are part of a series based on the analysis performed by a community of over 9000 mathematical brains spread across over 50 countries. CrowdANALYTIX validates and triangulates multiple submissions before releasing these results. More details on the on-going analysis can be found here – “Predict Presidential Candidates for  2016”

Donald Trump without doubt remains the most discussed of the candidates. Jeb Bush and Ted Cruz are both trailing with Carly Fiorina gaining some ground since the last debate. Of course mentions don’t necessarily say a lot but it’s not just the mentions that Trump seems to be gaining. In comparison to the last debate, Trump’s sentiments have clearly had an uptick. While the sentiments were mostly negative after the last debate, they have clearly turned neutral leaning towards  positive.

Another interesting point to note was that Trump’s debate was more focused with hashtags like #veterans, #immigration, #makeamericagreat, #uslatino, etc, although this could have been a result of how the debate was structured forcing contestants to talk more deeply about major  issues.

Jeb Bush on the other hand clearly lost ground as epitomized by the popularity of the tweet by Singer Cher which was RT on average 385  times!

Carly Fiorina decided to ride the Trump wave by attacking him directly with the hashtag #thetrumpstump. She gained an average of 53 retweets based on a relatively small number of tweets of  900.

Overall, the analysis concludes major gains for Trump. Here’s an interactive chart that maps contestants with specific keywords providing a more in-depth analysis of the sentiments – click  here

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