Trump Covers Wide Range of Issues at Debate

By Walter Raquet, Special for  USDR

During his hard-hitting debate yesterday, Donald Trump also focused on the wasteful practice of Government Regulation that he says must be  eliminated.

“Cutting and eliminating regulation is what this country really needs. It is debilitating the economy because of bureaucratic tape and we must get rid of it,” he said. Earlier, in his July 21 Republican Presidential nomination, he also said that “the greatest job killer of them all is government regulation to the tune of two trillion dollars per  year.”

Mr. Trump’s statement echoed the publication recently of a new book on the subject titled “Government Is Killing the Economy”by former long-time Government whistle blower Walter Raquet, who in 1980 uncovered the largest tax fraud ($1 billion) in the history of the United  States.

In his book, Mr. Raquet sees over-regulation and waste crippling American business, causing the middle class to stagnate and young people to lose  hope.

Central to Mr. Raquet’s solution is the creation of private independent boards of directors, which would allow all Federal departments and agencies to be run like businesses, not necessarily to turn a profit, but to cut waste and unnecessary regulations. These boards would be made up of seasoned business executives and eminent industry experts, equally divided between Democrats and  Republicans.

The book offers common sense thoughts on a cure for the negative economic impact of regulation and government mismanagement. The biggest problems Mr. Raquet sees are: Over-regulation in the 74,000 pages of IRS regulation and commentary.  All of this resulted in the middle class not getting any wage increases for more than 15 years, and younger people losing hope that they can benefit as their parents did from America’s promise, he  said.

Mr. Raquet emphasizes that none of the recommendations in “Government Is Killing the Economy” are political and he provided a copy of the book to Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, as well as members of Congress on both sides of the  aisle.

SOURCE Walter  Raquet

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