Trump’s in the Lead… GOP, Get Real

By Michelle Seiler-Tucker, Special for  USDR

On July 9, 2015 it was announced that Donald Trump is leading the GOP in primary polls. While it may be too early in the election process to get excited, there is one thing the public can look forward to over the next few months. No fence riders! The other candidates both democratic and republican will have to step up their game and do what most politicians are afraid to do, and that’s taking a firm stance. With Trump’s radical statements and actions, other candidates cannot afford to ride the  fence.

In the latest poll, by The Economist and YouGov, Trump is leading the field of GOP presidential candidates with 15 percent, four percentage points ahead of the next closest. This has to have other candidates taking notice because the comments Trump has made so far has him as a front runner. Trump has steered the debate on many hot topic issues, like immigration. Trump told NBC’s “Today” show on Thursday he had “nothing to apologize for” and credits himself with raising the immigration issue in the  campaign.

Trump is not one to compromise on his beliefs. His bold statements have him being noticed and noticed favorably. Many conservative voters, especially ones from the Tea Party, are also taking notice of Trump. All the while, other former front runners are falling behind. We can only conclude that the public is tired of the wishy-washy talk, unclear stances, prevaricated answers and lies of the past. Ever hear a politician talk and when they are finished, you wonder what their position is on the subject or better yet, you forgot the original question? We can look forward to that not happening this campaign. Other candidates will not be able to hide behind their evasive speeches and comments. Trump is giving real, direct answers some that people like and some that people don’t like. But the fact of the matter is he is giving direct answers, unlike the past where we have had to deal with candidates dodging questions, and not giving solid and direct  responses.

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