Trump’s Liberal Speech Praised by His Base

By Kevin Price, Editor in Chief,  USDR.

The Democrats in Congress were fairly glued during President Trump’s State of the Union speech — not to the President, but their benches.  Rarely have I ever seen a less responsive group of people to a message that was seemed meant to accommodate them and their  party.

The media and the Democrats expected a “fire and brimstone” message of Trump’s own brand of politics, but instead they heard a very progressive message in a conciliatory tone.  From the “excerpts of the President speech” that was distributed to USA Business Radio, one would think it would have been far more conservative than it turned out to be.  Those excerpts pretty much covered virtually every conservative remark in the President’s speech.  It was only around 500 words, which is not much for a presentation that was over an hour  long.  The reality is, this speech was like ear candy to the  Democrats.

In fact, it was hard to determine which message was more appealing to Democrats, the President’s or the DNC’s official responses.  Trump’s speech was really very liberal.  The media and the Democrats are convinced Trump is a die hard conservative.  After the speech, no one in the media noted the President’s liberal tone and during the speech, very few Democrats actually stood up.  But they had plenty of things for which they could have stood up and  applaud.

The reality is, this speech was like ear candy to the  Democrats.

The perennially progressive The Daily Beast described Trump’s speech as “designed to troll the Democrats.”  To be an “Internet troll” is to try to aggravate people for the purpose of aggravating.  In most cases, in social media, it is done by liberals to conservatives and vice versa.  So why does The Daily Beast describe Trump’s speech as trolling? For TDB it was the way Trump offered positive stories (like the young boy who made sure veterans had flags on their graves) immediately followed by negative stories that reflected poorly on progressives (like the football players who take a knee instead of standing for the national anthem).  The GOP and many establishment conservatives relished the image of Democrats sitting on their hands over some good news stories, because it reflected poorly on  them.

The amazing phenomenon about Trump’s speech was it similarities rather than differences with the Democrats’ response.  On Facebook I saw an interesting status by Kyle Weatherly how far from conservative the GOP has become.  He had a laundry list of things that the President advocated that goes against the most fundamental principles of small government, including the following examples which historically epitomized historical conservative thought (or rhetoric) and havs been casually dismissed by Trump and his GOP  allies:

I remember when conservatives opposed infrastructure plans that waste the taxpayers  money.
I remember when government paid family leave was a liberal  idea.
I remember when conservatives opposed  DACA.
I remember when adultery by a President was slammed by  conservatives..
I remember when conservatives opposed tariffs which only increase the price of goods for the American  consumer.
I remember when conservatives wanted to defund Planned  Parenthood.
I remember when conservatives (and the current President) promised a full repeal of O-Care  (Obamacare).
I remember when conservatives were pro-law  enforcement.
I remember when conservatives favored the freedom of the  press.
I remember when conservatives did not play the victim card all the  time.
I remember when conservatives did not set the bar at what Obama  did.
I remember when conservatives opposed selling arms to the Saudis who produced the people who pulled off  9-11.
I remember when conservatives did not fall for every conspiracy  theory
I remember when conservatives felt it was a patriotic act to point out the flaws of a  President.
I remember when conservatives believed in private property  rights.
I remember when conservatives favored smaller  government.
I remember when conservatives did not use the actions of Obama or Clinton to justify the actions of their  leaders.
I remember when conservatives were not so trusting of their  government.
I remember when conservatives would never worship a  politician.
I remember when conservatives were serious about cutting  spending.
I remember when conservatives would have been angered by a President using a SOTU address as a fund raising  scheme.
I remember when conservatives did not believe the ends justifies the  means.

That pretty much sums it up.  The reason why Trump may have seemed like a “troll” to Democrats and they were clearly so angry, is because he preached  a message every bit as liberal as Robert Kennedy, III, who followed the President with the Democrats’ response.  Maybe they were angry because he did it even better.

The real irony is how much Trump’s base seemed to relish his speech.  It is the kind of message that if any Democrat delivered it they would have dismissed it as leftist rhetoric.  The speech says a great deal about Trump, the Democrats, the media, and the President’s supporters.  None of which is very  good.

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