Trump’s Signs Omnibus Spending Bill that Breaks Many Promises

This massive spending bill went directly against Trump’s campaign promises, including positions on abortion, immigration, and pork  barreling. 

The Daily Signal reports “Our country is built on separation of powers, and our people generally favor divided government. When Americans gave us control of the House, the Senate, and the presidency, their message was clear: They were tired of an overpowering federal government, they wanted life protected, and they wanted our border  secured.

The latest omnibus bill didn’t pass muster on any of those elements. In many cases, it doesn’t just fail to fulfill the promises we made to the voters, it outright rejects  them.

The bill did not fund the border wall. The $1.6 billion included for the wall is actually explicitly prohibited from allowing the president to build the type of barrier he wants… (read  more).

The Conservative Review notes Trump and the GOP were “Sell Outs” with this measure.  Here are ten  ways:

1) Eye-popping debt: “This bill codifies the $143 billion busting of the budget caps, which Congress adopted in February, for the remainder of this fiscal  year.”

2) Bait and switch on the wall: “Since this bill increases spending for everything, one would think that at least the president would get the $15 billion or so needed for the wall.  No.

3) Funds sanctuary cities: “When cities and states downright violate federal law and harbor illegal aliens, Congress’ silence in responding to it is  deafening.”

4) Doesn’t fund interior  enforcement.

5) Doesn’t defund court  decisions.

6) Funds Planned Parenthood: “We have no right to a border wall or more ICE funding, but somehow funding for a private organization harvesting baby organs was never in jeopardy or even under discussion as a  problem.”

7) Gun control without due process: “Some of you might think I’m being greedy, demanding that “extraneous policies” be placed in a strict appropriations bill. Well, gun control made its way  in.”

8) More “opioid crisis funding” without addressing the problem: “The bill increases funding for “opioid addiction prevention and treatment” by $2.8 billion relative to last year, on top of the $7 billion they already spent in February. This is the ultimate joke of the arsonist pretending to act as the  firefighter…”

9) Student loan  bailout.

10) Schumer’s Gateway projects earmark: “Conservatives had a wish list of dozens of items, but it’s Schumer’s local bridge and tunnel project that got  included.”

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