U.S. House To Vote on Keeping Government Open, Ending ObamaCare Special Treatment for Congress & the Politically Connected


Tonight the U.S. House of Representatives will quickly consider legislation that funds the government through mid-December but with a condition: end the special treatment for members of Congress in ObamaCare and extend to workers and individuals the same one-year waiver the White House gave business.

“Senate Democrats have a clear choice: Protect special treatment for themselves and the politically connected, or shut down the government. I hope they put America’s middle class ahead of their own privileged class,” said U.S. Congressman Kevin Brady (R-Texas), who says members of Congress should live under the same laws as everyone else.

Brady, who leads a key health care committee in Congress, points out the White House admitted earlier this year the Affordable Care Act wasn’t ready for business and delayed its mandate a year.

“ObamaCare isn’t ready for families, patients and workers. Why don’t they get the same one-year waiver others have gotten?” asked Brady. “I hope the Senate doesn’t protect the politically connected and needlessly shut down the government.”

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