How to Upgrade Your Garage Door

Garage doors are often a forgotten upgrade when fixing up a house, but an updated garage door can significantly improve your home’s outward appearance. Here are some ways to keep it updated and looking attractive.

Paint Job

A good paint job can transform the look of your garage door and will also extend its life. Before you can successfully paint your garage door, there are a few things you need to do. 

First, prepare the door by washing and cleaning it. If you have an overhead garage door, be sure to lift it and clean it properly, then get rid of any existing paint by scraping it off with a wire brush. Before you start painting, make sure you wear safety glasses and a dust mask. 

Use a roller brush to paint the majority of the door, and a small paint brush to get into any small nooks and crannies.


Enhancing your garage doors with decorative trim is another simple way to upgrade them. Find some trims that will match your desired style, and then install them to increase your curb appeal. 

Window Installation

You can install windows on your garage door. This will invariably enhance the aesthetics and let sunlight in. There are several designs, colors, and shapes to choose from. Select one that you like and install it.

You can also install decorative fake windows, by using a black stick-on vinyl in the shape of your desired windows.

Add Insulation

If your garage has poor insulation, you should consider adding some insulation to save costs on losing heat out of the garage. 

Good garage insulation helps you save money on your heating and cooling expenses, because the home retains and blocks heat when it is necessary, making your garage more energy-efficient.

New Hardware

There is a wide range of hardware out there that you can use to upgrade your garage door. From simple decorative hardware to hardware involving advanced technology, there is so much variety and functionality to choose from. 

Decorative hardware options include accessories such as a door knocker, hinges, steel handles, and others you can choose from just to spruce up the look of your garage door.

Technological hardware includes cameras, garage bells, garage keypads, etc. This hardware can appear decorative, but actually have technological functionality.


Lighting is essential for your garage to ensure the safety of you and your vehicle. As far as the type of lighting, LED lighting is becoming increasingly common for modern garage doors. LED lights are bright and can be used for both the door and inside the garage. 

You may even decide to use lights to line your driveway if you want to increase nighttime visibility. Increased visibility will thus increase safety for you and your family.

Advanced Technology Hardware

Upgrade your garage with some technology to increase security and enable you to monitor your home remotely. 

One way you can do this is by installing a garage door opener that can be operated via Wi-Fi and has a camera. With this installation, you can open and close the garage door and monitor who comes close without having to be present physically.

These are quick and inexpensive ways to upgrade your garage door. Whichever upgrade you try, know that they can enhance your curb appeal and even the safety and security of your home.

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