US Daily Review: Five Years and Ten Thousand Articles Later


A Special Feature Celebrating Five Years of  Coverage. 

It is hard to believe but it has already been five years since we launched US Daily Review.  In that time it has evolved from an enthusiastic blog with lots of hope to a robust news site that generates over 200 articles a month.  In the next few weeks it will reach 10,000 articles.  An amazing achievement in a very short time  frame.

When it got started, the Publisher and Editor in Chief, Kevin Price, stated he wanted a website that covered national news, “with an outside the beltway perspective.”  Although there are still some stories with a DC bent, virtually all of our original content takes a decidedly “non-DC” perspective.  We have accumulated hundreds of stories that discuss how the government affects the rest of the country, and not just those in DC who are the policies’  beneficiaries.

In addition, US Daily Review has become a true Internet newspaper (an expression borrowed from the Huffington Post).  Like the Post, USDR covers a plethora of categories, with the major ones being business, lifestyle, technology, and, of course, politics.  Kevin Price, who also writes for the Huffington Post, said that he wanted to see a multi-category website that actually strove for objectivity on the news, but offered an editorial bent that gravitated towards liberty.  Yet, he didn’t want it to become another ideological “rag,” saying, “there are too many of those already.”  We believe that USDR has achieved such and we are very excited to be celebrating its  anniversary.

The growth in the reach of the site has been tremendous.  A recent search at found that USDR is in the top 6 percent in terms of traffic and performance of 16 million sites they track. It is no wonder it has become very popular in terms of readers and sponsors (with over one million hits a month). It has enormous presence among search engines, with the majority of readers finding its content through Google searches than any other source (24 percent).  This speaks volumes about its SEO  reach.

We believe people have grown to love and appreciate USDR because of its independence.  It has a commitment to offering numerous and eclectic perspectives, even as it maintains a certain editorial bent towards free markets and less government.  It doesn’t strive to be a part of the “lock step” journalism that is so pervasive  today.

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