US House Leader on Obama’s Executive Order: Judge Got it Right!

Kevin Brady weighs in on court decision.


U.S. Congressman Kevin Brady (R-TX) is a senior House leader and one with a keep interest in border protection in Texas.   He chimed in with the following statement after a Texas federal judge put the brakes on President Obama’s latest executive overreach on  immigration.

“I stand with the more than half of the states, including Texas, that no law exists to give President Obama power to stop millions of deportations. This is a clear issue of the President seeking to go around Constitutional checks and balances. The judge got this exactly  right.”

According to the Washington Times, “A federal judge late Monday halted President Obama’s deportation amnesty, ruling he overstepped his powers in trying to grant legal status and “benefits and privileges” to millions of illegal immigrants, in a stunning decision that chides the president and throws the White House’s plans into disarray just a day before applications were to be  accepted.

“The White House said it will appeal Judge Andrew S. Hanen’s decision, but it’s unclear whether the case could reach the circuit court in New Orleans or even the Supreme Court before Wednesday, which is when the Homeland Security Department had planned to begin accepting the first applications under the new  amnesty.”

This policy is being well received by those who simply wanted to put the brakes on the President’s unilateral fast tracking of legalizing undocumented  workers.

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