US National Emergency Plan Against Sudan to be Renewed

By Embassy of the Republic of the Sudan, Special for  USDR

Nothing can better describe the unfounded claims provided by the U.S. Administration to justify the continuation of the National Emergency stated in Executive Order 13067 – NOTHING can describe it better- than the words of the first American President George Washington, who once said: “It is better to offer no excuse than a bad  one.”

The claim that Sudan still poses threat to the national security of the U.S. runs counter to the U.S. official reports and statements for the last 13 years recognizing Sudan’s continued cooperation with the U.S. to counter terrorism, and the efforts and major sacrifices that Sudan has made for the sake of bringing peace and stability in Sudan, South Sudan and the region. We wonder, what is more than giving up a dear part of your homeland and being the first country to recognize the newly born South Sudan? What is more than providing continuous concessions and genuine cooperation with the world to combat terrorism, human trafficking, illegal immigration, and instability that widely hit the region? What is more than providing all the guarantees for the rebel groups to come to Sudan and take part in the national dialogue, a process which aims to put an end to all Sudan problems? What is more than widely opening our arms and hearts to more than 500,000 South Sudanese and 80,000 Syrians fleeing war, let alone the Yemenis! These are –just- some facts and facts can never be overlooked although some people deliberately avoid looking at  them.

It is in this context that the U.S. has kept repeating the same literature and allegations for more than two decades, turning a blind eye to all positive steps and good developments happening in Sudan. Nothing is ever appreciated as long as it comes from Sudan. This very fact well shows the injustice in today’s  world.

It is surprising that the U.S. which pretends – day and night – to be caring for Sudanese people has been torturing them since 1997 by the unfair continuation of the  sanctions which have proven to be of no use but harming the people. Unfortunately, Sudanese people have come to a conclusion that the U.S. pays no attention to their suffering, and many Sudanese and fair American voices are rising, here and there, calling the U.S. to lift the unjustified burden from the shoulder of the suffering Sudanese  people.

In spite of the unjust decisions, Sudan re-iterates its commitment to achieve peace for the sake of its own people and continues its tireless efforts and continuous contribution to bringing stability to the region. It also calls upon the U.S. government to remove its name from the list of the States Sponsoring Terrorism as well as lifting all sanctions if the U.S. really cares for Sudanese  People.

SOURCE Embassy of the Republic of the  Sudan

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