USDR Newsstand: What We Are Reading

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By Kelly Leung, Associate Editor, USDR.

Our periodical feature of what our editors, contributors, and readers are recommending.

1)  Robots Replace Humans: – A short video about firms in New York City who are building robots that could, one day, replace humans. Source:

2)  The Political Mr. Spock: – At a press conference from two years ago this week, President Obama mixed up the Vulcans and Jedis, a large mistake according to fans of Star Trek and Star Wars. At the recent announcement of Leonard Nimoy’s (“Spock” from Star Trek) death, many politicians posted about their condolences and connections to this famous, late actor. Source:

3)   Netanyahu Makes Last-Ditch Bid to Stop Obama from Doing Nuke Deal with Iran:  – Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is making a last-ditch effort for President Obama to drop the pending Iran nuclear agreement.  Democrats accuse Netanyahu of “fear-mongering.” Source:

4)   New York Agriculture’s Booming Economy: – New York’s agriculture business is quickly becoming one of the nation’s top producers in agriculture-related products. New York’s economy has gained a large boost from the farming industry. Source:

5)  My Son Was Digitally Kidnapped: – A mother and blogger has posted pictures about her son. Somebody else took her son’s picture and pretended that he was her child. It turns out that this situation is rare, but disturbing. Source:

All opinions expressed on USDR are those of the author and not necessarily those of US Daily Review.
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