USDR Newsstand: What We are Reading

By Kelly Leung, Associate Editor, USDR.

Our periodical feature of what our editors, contributors, and readers are recommending.

Religious Freedom is Worth Protecting– This article draws similarities between the ultimate goals of proponents and opponents of Indiana’s new Religious Freedom bill. Source:

Deleted Forever? Government Text Messages Vanish Within Days– The texts exchanged between government-owned phones are quickly disappearing. Text messages are seen as a public record and public record erasure violates the law. Source:

Turkey’s Erdogan Condemns Pope Over Armenia ‘Genocide’– Turkey’s president criticizes the Pope’s word choice when describing the mass killings of Armenians during Ottoman rule.

Would You Be a Successful Entrepreneur?– One writer has found six traits common in successful entrepreneurs. Source:

Can an Algorithm Write a News Story Better Than a Human Reporter?–  Internet media powerhouses may be gathering content sources from an algorithm, as opposed to a human reporter. Source:

The Right to Speak Out in India– India’s Prime Minister suspended India Greenpeace’s eligibility to receive foreign funds because of the belief that foreign providers may be trying to underhandedly ruin the country’s current economy. Source:

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