USDR Newsstand: What We are Reading

By Kelly Leung, AssociateEditor, USDR.

Our periodical feature of what our editors, contributors, and readersare recommending.

San Francisco Catholics Appeal to Pope to Replace Controversial Archbishop-  Catholics in San Francisco are unhappy with Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone’s leadership and values. They are now appealing to the Pope. Source:

Fast Food Workers: You Don’t Deserve $15 an Hour to Flip Burgers, and that’s Okay– We all want to live comfortably but fast food workers who demand $15 may need to take a step back. Source:

 Former FBI Director Alleges Agency Concealing Evidence in Anthrax Case– A former FBI director who lead the anthrax investigation says that the FBI is hiding evidence in the anthrax letters case in 2001. He claims that the information would not have been enough to convict Bruce Ivins.  Source:

Veteran Arrested for Refusing to Give Up American Flag– A former Air Force training instructor grabbed an American flag from protesting students. The former trainer was taken away in handcuffs and refused to let go of the flag. She is no stranger to controversy, as she had been demoted in the Air Force because of pornography. Source:

Controversial After School App Relaunches with New Safety Features and Zero Tolerance for Hate–  An app was re-released in the App Store after being used as a platform for high school bullying. The original goal of the app was to give high-schoolers a chance to post their thoughts without fear of parents seeing them. Upon its relaunch, the app is now being closely monitored.  Source:

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