USDR Newsstand: What We are Reading

By Kelly Leung, Associate Editor, USDR.

Our periodical feature of what our editors, contributors, and readers  are  recommending.

Uh-oh, a robot just passed the self awareness test– Three robots were built by roboticists at an Institution in New York. One of them passed the “self-awareness” test. Source:

How to save for retirement without getting ripped off by Wall Street– Vox gives tips on how to save for retirement. Source:

Does Donald Trump news belong in the entertainment section?The Huffington Post recently decided to file all Trump-related news under the Entertainment section.  Source:

Seattle’s Polio vaccination rate is lower than many developing countries– Seattle’s vaccination rates are a sign of hot-topic controversial vaccination mandates. Should parents be legally required to vaccinate their kids?  Source:

Greece debt crisis: German MP’s vote “yes” to bailout talks- The German Parliament has agreed to start negotiations with Greece’s bailout deal. Source:

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