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The “Rest of the Story” behind Liz Wahl’s Resignation from RT. Liz Wahl became an international sensation when she resigned from her anchor position on the English speaking Russian network, RT.  Wahl tells her story in an excellent article from the Washington Post.  It is a fascinating story of he well intended people find themselves way over their heads. 

Has AA “Hijacked” the Term “Sobriety”?  According to Reason Magazine, the short answer is “yes.” This article believes the organization has taken the term “too far.”

The Worst Part of the Banking Crisis may be Yet to Come. A sobering look of how bad the financial crisis could actually get.  The worst may very will be, yet to come.  this, from the National Journal. 

Did Putin take a Chapter from the Godfather?  New article argues that Putin used the muscle of the mob to take over the Crimea.  Those same forces are poised to play a role in other “Russian speaking” areas. From the Daily Beast.

Morality and Progressive Economics. The left likes to argue that liberal policies are “fear” and “good” to the national as a whole. New article in the American Spectator suggests holding on just a minute.

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